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MoneyWiz 2023

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MoneyWiz 2023 via Setapp

World's most versatile finance software

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Make your personal money management easy with MoneyWiz 2023. This helper app makes it easy to track your spending and income, create budgets, and stay on top of your bills. The app allows you to take a deep dive into the way you manage your money, track your accounts and payments, and helps analyze your finances with handy reports.
Version 2023.33.1
requires macOS 10.15.4 or later

Features von MoneyWiz 2023

Manage your budget

Log your spending into MoneyWiz 2023 and track your net worth, balances, and transactions. Create income or expense-based budgets to help plan and manage your finances. Move money between budgets for easy adjustments, view budget progress, and more.

Track bills

Keep track of your recurring expenses and make forecasts of future spending with dedicated tools in MoneyWiz 2023. Browse your past bills or click on a date in the future to get an instant forecast.

View spending reports

Tracking your income and spending for effective budgeting only truly works if you regularly take a look back at your results. MoneyWiz 2023 offers more than 30 types of reports for you to analyze your finances. Study them on your own or export as CSV or PDF to discuss with your financial advisor, accountant, or partner.

Import data

If you’ve been tracking your finances with other tools or want to add information from your banking app, import the data into MoneyWiz 2023 from these formats: CSV, QIF, OFX, QFX, MT940. The app will skip duplicates and try to automatically link categories and payees.

Customize your input

Customize MoneyWiz 2023 to your needs to skip fields you don’t want to input data in and view just the essentials of your transactions. Use the app’s extensive customization options to get the best money tracking experience for your personal finance needs!

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MoneyWiz 2023
Anteil positiver Rezensionen
192 Bewertungen
Version 2023.33.1
requires :platform 10.15.4 or later
MoneyWiz 2023
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