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Canary Mail

Canary Mail


Best Email App & Calendar

Ця програма + 230 інших в одному рішенні.
Безкоштовно протягом 7 днів, потім 9,99 USD на місяць.
Ця програма доступна для Mac та iPhone. Щоб розблокувати версію iOS, відкрийте Setapp на своєму Mac. Потім перейдіть на сторінку програми в Setapp, натисніть «Програма iOS» та дотримуйтесь інструкцій.
Canary Mail Canary Mail

Досягніть більшого з Setapp.

Ваша програма надійде разом із Setapp, набором програм для вирішення повсякденних завдань на Mac та iPhone.
Досліджуйте протягом 7 днів безкоштовно, а потім 9,99 USD/місяць.

Canary Mail через Setapp

Best Email App & Calendar

When it comes to your inbox, privacy and organization matter. Canary Mail is the best secure email app that does both. It sorts your inbox to allow you to focus on what’s important while delivering complete security. Besides, the app’s powerful feature set lets you integrate with multiple email providers and manage all your files, events, and tasks in one place.
4.0 / 5
271 оцінок
версія 3.54 необхідно macOS 10.14

Особливості Canary Mail

Choose automatic or manual encryption

Canary Mail’s end-to-end encryption makes your emails unreadable by third parties or any other prying eyes. Set up Automatic Key Exchange and have one less thing to worry about. There is also a manual option which allows advanced PGP users to manage their own encryption keys as they see fit.

Focused inbox

Fly through your emails with Canary Mail’s focused approach to inbox management. Canary learns which emails are important and highlights them for easy access. Slick design and intelligent typography ensure you see those must-get-to messages. The app even alerts you with a desktop notification so you don’t miss anything urgent.

Do, delegate, delete

Deal with emails at your convenience by using Canary Mail’s activity stream. It puts a process to your tasks so you can work on what’s important right now. Drag and drop mail into To-Do or Follow Up lists to get to them when you need to or automatically set a reminder for later.

Search and navigate with ease

Stop spending time searching for that one email. No matter how buried it is in your inbox, thread, or folder, Canary Mail’s natural language search will help you find what you need. You can even save recurring searches, so you can find the right messages faster than ever.

Take control of trash

Keeping unwanted mail out of your inbox couldn’t be easier with Canary Mail. The Unsubscribe feature lets you quickly remove your name from any mailing list in one click. The app saves you from needing to look for pesky unsubscribe links, which don’t work half of the time, and delete junk mail automatically.

Optimize your time

When it comes to composing emails, efficiency is key. You can avoid doing the same work twice by saving and re-using frequently sent emails. Canary Mail allows you to select bulk mail and perform any action: pin, star, move, snooze, mark as read — all in one swoop.

Одна підписка,
нескінченні переваги.
Дізнайтеся, як працює Setapp.
Виконуйте всі види завдань на своєму Mac і навіть на своєму iPhone за допомогою Setapp для iOS. Легко адаптуйте Setapp до ваших потреб і насолоджуйтесь колекцією програм безкоштовно протягом 7 днів.
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Canary Mail
4.0 / 5
271 оцінок
версія 3.54 необхідно macOS 10.14
Canary Mail
через + 230 програм.