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Powerful Graphing Calculator and Computer Algebra System.

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PocketCAS PocketCAS

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PocketCAS через Setapp

Powerful Graphing Calculator and Computer Algebra System.

Imagine a TI-89 calculator built into your macOS. PocketCAS can make it real, but in a more advanced way — through graphics, animated plots, and intuitive UI. Available offline, PocketCAS takes you through all levels of mathematics, from school algebra to advanced calculus.
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915 оцінок
версія 2022.2 необхідно macOS 10.11

Особливості PocketCAS

Calculator alternative

Any type of mathematical calculation has a PocketCAS solution. Whether to calculate limits and integrals, solve a linear equation, or run polynomial factorization, you can entrust the app with any job. Use it for study or quick help, even if your Mac is disconnected from WiFi.

Draw and animate plots

PocketCAS is a calculator with plotting capabilities. Visualize your data sets and define relationships between variables, based on 2D and 3D plots. The app has stunning graphics capabilities, so you’ll build the most detailed plots. Plus, you can animate plots to see how they evolve over time.

Scripting assistance

PocketCAS has its own C-like scripting language support, which enables you to define custom functions flexibly. The scripting also covers conditional expressions, loops, and recursion. So that if you manage to find a function PocketCAS doesn’t have, you have a way to fix this.

Physical units

Compose physical formulas using nothing but PocketCAS with its powerful in-built visual matrix editor. The app provides a full set of ready-to-use units and constants that will simplify your life if you have to manually type formulas.

Dedicated math keyboard

PocketCAS gives you a dedicated space for typing formulas — as much space as you need, actually. With a tailored mathematical keyboard, you can find the symbols you need and toggle between different layouts on any screen.

Sharing support

While the app has iOS counterparts, it syncs across all your Apple devices through iCloud. The upload and export of docs are easy — you can throw in any functions and variables as well as download PocketCAS plots or send them to print. CSV import is available as well.

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4.5 / 5
915 оцінок
версія 2022.2 необхідно macOS 10.11
через + 230 програм.