AnyTrans for Android

AnyTrans for Android

Transfer and manage your Android content with ultra ease

AnyTrans for Android is an almighty Android manager, which helps you transfer data & files across phones, tablets, and computer, and also lets you manage Android content from a convenient place, even from SD card. You can freely export photos, music, contacts and more data and files to Mac for better backup, or vice versa. Or, make a seamless transition from an old Android phone or iPhone to your new phone, without any compatibility issues. AnyTrans also offers more handy tools for you to keep all your content well organized on your phone. 1. Back up valuables to Mac and free up precious storage Your phone stores so many indispensable data and files. AnyTrans cares about that and provides you with a convenient way to back them up. It can export your beloved photos, favorite music, important messages and more to your computer with 1 click. So, you can feel safe to free up storage on your phone without worrying about losing anything essential. 2. Download fantastic videos from 900+ sites for playback With a built-in media downloader, AnyTrans can save interesting movies, TV shows or any videos you want from YouTube and other 900+ sites to Mac, or to your Android device directly. Also, you can import videos from Mac with blazing speed. Either way, AnyTrans would automatically convert videos to an Android compatible format for smooth playback. You’re able to enjoy your favorite videos offline, anywhere, anytime. 3. Migrate to a new Android phone seamlessly Got a new phone? Now you can move over everything you want with 1 simple click, no matter it’s from an old Android phone or iPhone. Contacts of friends and family, photos of life highlights, messages you want to keep, songs you like to listen to, apps you need to use everyday, etc. You can migrate them all at one go or just select what you need, even from iTunes library, iTunes backup, iCloud or iCloud backup. 4. Manage your media files conveniently AnyTrans makes it easy to keep your photos, music, videos, and other media files organized. You can bulk add multiple songs to your phone by drag-and-drop, or export photos and albums by category to your computer and organize them into different folders. Want to import videos to your phone and watch them on the move, or enjoy videos you shot on phone from computer’s big screen? It’s a tap away. 5. Keep important personal info safe and organized Your sensitive personal data like contacts and messages will be safely managed with AnyTrans. You can easily browse, edit, and back up all personal info you care about via an intuitive UI. When changing to a new phone, you can also migrate them over in one click, without erasing any existing data on the target phone. Your personal connections are always securely at your fingertips.
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Bewertung: 4.5/5
basierend auf 915 Rezensionen
Neueste Version: 7.1
Systemvoraussetzungen: Mac OS X 10.10+

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AnyTrans for Android
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