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Your Videos in TV App and Plex

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Your Videos in TV App and Plex

Fancy using a feature-rich iTunes video converter? Wondering how to add TV shows to iTunes? Wish to add mp4 to iTunes, along with some mkv and m4v files? iFlicks is the answer. Import movies to iTunes in a quick, fun, intuitive way. Browse the iTunes artwork, if you want, you can set the movie art of the chosen movies. Effortlessly update mp4 metadata, enrich it with chapters, add subtitles to movies and TV series. The best part of all this is that it’s done automatically, wasting none of your precious time. Drag the videos you have to the app’s window to update them. Enjoy keeping your entire media world in a beautiful, straightforward and structured manner.
4.5 / 5
915 оцінок
версія 3.8.1 необхідно macOS 10.13.2

Особливості iFlicks

Fast and high-quality processing of videos

Add movies to iTunes, specify the movie artwork for any item. Encode any kind of media fast and easy so that you can instantly watch them on your Mac or iOS device. The app also supports stereo and surround audio for varying tracks in numerous languages.

Smart video metadata editor

Want to add subtitles for movies? It’s simple with this iTunes metadata editor. You can specify metadata for movies, videos, and even TV Shows. The app handles major mp4 metadata tags. So, why not use this reliable and user-friendly video tag editor to quickly manage any kind of your metadata?

Smart and straightforward mp4 muxer

Feel like combining H.264 video tracks and AAC audio tracks? It’s so easy! Get to try! You will highly appreciate the fact that you can transfer video files into m4v containers without any serious re-encoding or quality loss.

All popular video formats supported

Convert your media files to the streaming format, which you require. Luckily, today, the app handles all popular video formats, not the mention H.264 and DivX. Support for HEVC is coming along with macOS High Sierra too, so it won’t be a problem.

Accurate conversion of video files

Use this robust iTunes metadata editor app if you wish to easily and pretty fast encode your video stream. Noteworthy is to mention that after it gets encoded, your media will have solid quality yet won’t consume much space. Plus, it’s easy and fast. A few clicks and you’re done.

Customizable workflow & automated tasks

Set the rules to adjust metadata and settings the way you need. Plus, with Watch Folders and Applescripts you can also automate the repeated tasks. In general, you can automatically select preset, destination and some processing modes with regards to type, file path, and other specified conditions.

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4.5 / 5
915 оцінок
версія 3.8.1 необхідно macOS 10.13.2
через + 230 програм.