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What you get with Setapp for Teams

Find any app in a click

One cohesive suite with apps to tackle any task. Super simple to put on any Mac, and seamless to remove.

Add new members fast and easy

Adjustable to any team size, a Setapp for Teams account expands right along with your group. Small? Sweet. Big? Beautiful.

Increase your team productivity

A small investment in the emboldened workflows of your every team member. Beyond writers’ block, Setapp solves it all.

Transfer data from Mac to Mac

And back. Swap licenses around as quickly as you get shiny new screens in the office, or cut down the glare with less.

Exclusive apps

These are our new apps carefully picked out to help you and your teammates deal with daily tasks more productively. Available only on Setapp for Teams.

Cost saving

Get all apps you might ever need at the price of one.

Institutions are big. Pricing is small.

Educational facilities benefit from bulk licensing with Setapp for Teams. Students, teachers, and classroom pets get instant, unrestricted access to 190+ apps for research, writing, coding, and all sorts of challenges. At a reasonable price.

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