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Become a partner of Setapp

Put Setapp banner to your webpage, send referrals our way, and get your reward.

Become a partner

That’s what you get with us

20% commission

That’s how much you’ll get for every new customer you bring to Setapp. Hello, passive income!

LTV 24 months

24 months is an average lifetime value of a Setapp client. So be ready to get your commission for the next 2 years.

Grow your earning potential

Setapp offer on your website may now interest the audience that usually drops out.

A custom dashboard

Track your progress: referrals, URL click, and every dollar you earn. All in one place.

How does it work?

step one

You decide to earn more

Our special offer is exclusive for Setapp vendors. Use it to increase your revenue.

step two

Put Setapp banner to your webpage

When your visitors click on this banner and pay for a Setapp subscription, it'll count as a successful referral.

step three

Get rewarded

We track the sales you refer to us and then you get a 20% commission for every new Setapp customer.

Check how much you can earn when you have 10 active Setapp users

per month

in total

Become a partner

*based on average LTV of one Setapp user

Our partners speak


  • All vendors from our Setapp community.

  • You can earn a 20% recurring commission for as long as Setapp customers you brought to us have active subscriptions.

  • You’ll get a unique referral link. When your visitors click on this link, we will use cookies to identify them for 30 days. When they sign up and buy Setapp, they'll count as your referrals.

  • Hear our current partner speaking: "We were scared that this way, we will be losing money because people will choose it instead of buying the app from us. But we've learned a lot and realized that Setapp could bring us a good recurring revenue, and it's not competing for our customers – people prefer different billing models." Customers do prefer different billing models, so let’s help each other earn more.

  • We broaden our audience, engage more app vendors, and get more prominent apps to the Setapp collection.

  • You will:
    - leverage an opportunity for growth,
    - monetize an additional audience,
    - get a predictable source of profit without spending costs on maintaining and support
    - boost ARPU.