24 Hour Wallpaper

24 Hour Wallpaper


Personalize your desktop with dynamic wallpapers

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24 Hour Wallpaper features

Customize your Mac desktop with 24 Hour Wallpaper, a wide selection of professionally captured wallpapers that change according to your time. From charming sunrises to beautiful night city lights — you can take anything to your Mac screen. 24 Hour Wallpaper has a unique collection of nature and city photos, for you to personalize your Mac desktop with selected sceneries.

Wide selection

You can spend a lot of time choosing that one wallpaper because 24 Hour Wallpaper offers more than 80 high-quality photos that will perfectly fit your Mac. Or maybe you prefer to have a new wallpaper each hour? It’s up to you. The app has a great selection of nature and city wallpapers, so whether you want to relocate to Yosemite or Tokyo, 24 Hour Wallpaper has something to offer.

High-quality wallpapers

No more grainy and blurred wallpapers — all photos are available at 5K resolution. In total, the app includes desktop wallpapers containing more than 30 5K still images each. In case you want to save disk space, 24 Hour Wallpaper supports all resolution displays and offers lower resolution options.

Mixed views

We're all fed up with standard still pictures, but 24 Hour Wallpaper offers a unique kind of wallpapers, Mixes. Such wallpapers take you on a journey around a place throughout the day. Lightning changes during the day and the location moves about. You can also shuffle scenes so that you’ll see various places from different angles throughout the day.

In-time picture transition

Wallpapers are perfectly synchronized with your time and location all day. Moreover, you can customize time by adjusting the sunrise, sunset, and duration parameters. Even if you choose mixes or shuffle wallpapers, they will match the time of the day.

Natively built for macOS

The wallpapers look like native Mac pictures — 24 Hour Wallpaper fully supports Mission Control, Expose, Login and Lock Screens, and Spaces. You can enjoy beautiful dynamic wallpaper, even on a locked Mac. And don’t worry about your battery, the app minimizes battery consumption, and runs only when the image is downloading or changing.

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24 Hour Wallpaper
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