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Access API documentation offline

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Access API documentation offline

Dash is one of the most valuable shortcuts for developers, a handy API documentation browser with 200+ ready-to-use docsets and code snippet manager for macOS. With this app, you always have the right set of documentation at hand — easy to search and available offline.
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915 ratings
version 6.2.4 macOS 10.13.9 required

Dash features

Docsets for 200+ APIs available

Dash comes with virtually all documentation sets you’ll ever need, including macOS, Android, Angular, .NET Framework, and 200+ more. Download all the docsets you work with and easily access them offline at any time. Dash will make sure your docsets are always up to date.

Generate your own docsets

Some docsets missing? By integrating with popular package managers, Dash enables you to create your own documentation sets. From Swift to Python to Ruby, Dash supports a huge range of technologies so that it’s easy to generate and contribute your docsets.

Smart search profiles

Use smart search profiles to organize docsets by types of tasks and programs you work with. For instance, you can create separate profiles for iOS and web development so that when you work in Xcode, Dash will search in iOS docsets and ignore the web developments ones.

Cheat sheets and keyboard shortcuts

Apart from docsets, Dash offers 100+ cheat sheets for quick access to specific commands, shortcuts, etc. You can also set triggers for search profiles and cheat sheets using Dash’s handy keyboard shortcuts. Save time navigating through docsets and get exactly what you need.

Docset keywords

Each docset in Dash has a specific keyword assigned to it. Use these keywords to search inside the docsets you have installed: just type the keyword (like ‘php’ for PHP docset) followed by a colon, and then type what you’re searching for. You can customize docset keywords in Preferences.

Handy snippet manager

Create snippets of code in Dash. Use tags to easily search your snippets, customize them with placeholders like @date and @time, and expand in any app. No need to do the same work twice, with Dash’s snippet manager you can build on top of what you’ve already achieved.

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4.5 / 5
915 ratings
version 6.2.4 macOS 10.13.9 required
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