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Disk Drill

Disk Drill


Recover files and avoid data loss

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Disk Drill Disk Drill

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Recover files and avoid data loss

Fancy recovering files on your Mac, right? Some of your files that you need have gone missing from your computer? Can’t see the pictures that matter to you? Face troubles with accessing external USB drives or camera cards? Don’t worry - Disk Drill is your solution. This first rated data recovery app can bring any kind of data back regardless of the loss cause. Indeed, no matter whether your stuff has gone because of data corruption, unintended removal, and disk utility error, it will help. What’s also good, it can be useful in many other cases as well.
4.5 / 5
795 ratings
version 4.6 macOS 10.11 required

Disk Drill features

Recover deleted files

Have photos or files to share but can’t find them on your Mac anymore? This file recovery software app supports all normal formats, so you won’t be left without the document that matters to you. Get the deleted photos back within seconds and never get caught without your vital data again!

All popular devices compatibility

Detect the lost or damaged files blazing fast and effortlessly restore them. You’d appreciate that the app is compatible with all major devices. To put it simpler, you can get back your important data from Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android devices as well as USB and SD cards in several clicks.

Hard drive data recovery

Easily scan for all accidentally gone files. Don’t worry that won’t take long. Mount everything that would be detected as a separate disk in your system, that’s so easy and fun! Use Finder to work with the instantly discovered data as if it is already there, even if there’s a lack of free space to copy it out.

Disk space analyzer + risk alerts

Perform a test to detect how much the free space your Mac actually has. Investigate which programs and files decrease the disk space. To make your Mac work faster, remove the unrequired. Get risk alerts to prevent any harm to your Mac and data stored there. Act before risks occur!

Simple and fast data backup

Enjoy peace of mind that all your essential docs, pictures, videos, and other essential to you things are always there on your Mac. Perform regular data backup to avoid any loss. Disk Drill makes the entire backup process smooth, straightforward, snap and even fun!

Powerful data protection

Without any doubts, your files, docs, pics and other stuff stored on your Mac do matter to you. So, you wish they always were there, right? One of the smartest ways to prevent future files, folders or documents lost is to enable the data protection option this handy app provides. Try it right away!

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Disk Drill
4.5 / 5
795 ratings
version 4.6 macOS 10.11 required
Disk Drill
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