Forecast Bar

Forecast Bar


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Forecast Bar features

Forecast Bar is a feature-rich weather forecast app, which offers basic and clean interface. It lives right in your Mac’s menu bar and, if needed, expands to a full Dock utility. Being packed with an array of useful capabilities, this app could become the secret weapon you've been looking for. Check the weather live and find out whether it’s going to rain or snow. Get notified about the approaching storm. Stay in the know with everything you might want to consider about the weather around you. One more thing to enjoy — it’s very careful with your computer's power.

Get weather details live

Find out live weather in an instant to know what to wear. Have a glance at the detailed weather overview, what it feels like, wind, humidity, as well as the UV index chart. The app also offers an animated compass. Finally, continuous background updates deliver the most recent weather conditions you can trust.

Check on extended forecasts

Confidently plan your day, weekend, or the whole week with the weather outlook option. Enjoy your outdoor activities at the right time and never get into the rain again. Most importantly, pack appropriately for your trips by checking on weather conditions at all destinations.

Receive daily weather reports

Wake up knowing what you are about to face throughout your day with a personalized weather report automatically delivered to you each morning. That way you only have to check the app to get the specifics. Additionally, you can also put the app in your Today widget and get all the necessary information at a glance.

Customize the weather panel and language

Configure as many locations in Forecast Bar’s resizable panel as you wish and effortlessly switch between them with a few keyboard shortcuts. Fine-tune your map to see all the overlays, set your preferred language out of the 18 available, and easily change any other settings to your liking.

Travel on the weather time machine

Check the weather up to 70 years in the past or future with a single click. See how the weather has been changing over decades and what the predictions say now. This Forecast Bar functionality is indispensable for journalists or researchers writing articles and reports. And a good fun too!

Don’t spend time on sync or updates

Treat Forecast Bar as your ultimate weather assistant that’s always there doing its work. The app automatically updates to new versions and sources the latest weather conditions. What’s more, Forecast Bar uses iCloud syncing so that all your settings across iOS, Apple TV, and Mac are exactly the same.

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Forecast Bar
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