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Glyphs Mini

Glyphs Mini


Edit and manage icon designs

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Glyphs Mini Glyphs Mini

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Glyphs Mini via Setapp

Edit and manage icon designs

Glyphs Mini is a compact font editor for your Mac. Quickly and easily create type and icon designs, and export them as OpenType fonts for desktop and web. Perfect for beginners, Glyphs Mini is a fun app to dive into the world of type design and build your own single-master Latin, Greek, Cyrillic, emoji, or icon fonts.
4.5 / 5
915 ratings
version 2.1.6 macOS 10.11 required

Glyphs Mini features

Versatile vector editing

Create, edit, and preview the shapes of your letters in a word context. Easily shape your letters and symbols with Glyphs Mini’s industry-leading vector editing toolkit: precisely control curvatures, transform shapes, nudge curves, reconnect nodes, offset paths, and much more. Comfortably manage, batch-edit, search, and filter hundreds or even thousands of glyphs.

Shape reuse

Reuse shapes efficiently in your font to create a consistent experience for your future readers. Keep your accents and icons in sync with the help of auto-aligning glyph components. Use corner components to inject hot-linked path fragments such as serifs or spikes into outline corners. With the Pixel tool, quickly build a component-based pixel font, then change the shapes of all pixels in one go.

Abundant font settings

Whether you are creating a font from scratch or editing an existing typeface, you can review and set font-wide metric values from descender to ascender in Glyphs Mini, as well as stem widths and the italic angle. Control the fonts’ names, style linking, and other meta info.

Helpful coordinates

Don’t just rely on your eye: use the app’s built-in coordinate panel at the bottom of your edit view to make sure the distances in your font are consistent. Transform your selection by overriding the displayed values. Measure anything with the handy guides or the Measurement tool.

Filter collection

Glyphs Mini offers four built-in filters to edit your letters and symbols: Hatch Outline, Offset Curve, Round Corners, and the versatile Transformations. Filters allow for complex shape changes that can be applied to a selection inside a glyph, any number of glyphs, or even a complete typeface with just the push of a button.

Import shapes, export fonts

Import OTF and TTF fonts, drag and drop SVG images, or paste Adobe Illustrator outlines into Glyphs Mini. The app accepts single-master GLYPHS files, e.g., from the popular FontStruct website. For export, you can choose between CFF-based OTF and WOFF file formats.

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Glyphs Mini
4.5 / 5
915 ratings
version 2.1.6 macOS 10.11 required
Glyphs Mini
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