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Bring all messengers into one

This app + 230 others in one suite.
Free for 7 days, then $9.99/month.
Replace 10+ messengers with just one
Answer all your messages from one spot
Switch between work and private messengers
Customize notifications based on messenger

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IM+ via Setapp

Bring all messengers into one

IM+ is an aggregator for instant messaging apps that goes where no app has gone before, bringing together over a dozen popular messaging services in a single convenient window. No more switching between the proprietary apps or websites for Slack, Facebook Messenger, or Instagram — with IM+ you can toggle between conversations and across platforms with ease. Its simple interface keeps you logged in, connected, and updated on all the services you use, while its intuitive color-coding and tagging features help keep it all organized. Spend less time switching between apps and more time saying what you need to say. Plus, as IM+ fully supports photos, audio messages, and file sharing, you can do more than just type.
4.5 / 5
915 ratings
version 1.16.0 macOS 10.10.0 required

IM+ features

All-in-One Messenger

Set up all the messaging apps you use inside IM+, as it supports WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Twitter, Slack, ChatWork, Gmail, Hangouts, LinkedIn Messaging, Telegram, Instagram, Facebook, SnapMap, and Tinder. Even add multiple accounts for each service to separate your business and personal conversations.

Hotkey Switching

Handle personal messages and chats effortlessly with the app’s easy-to-navigate sidebar that shows you which platforms you’re using and lets you switch between them with ease. For an even smoother workflow, try hotkeying your most-used accounts, so you can open them with just a keystroke.

From Work To Home

Create unique settings for each instant messenger, starting from how messages are treated to color-coding and tagging across all platforms. This universal messaging app for Mac even supports multiple accounts and grouping for related ones, allowing you to switch easily between home and work.

Multimedia File Sharing

Don’t limit yourself to text-based messages. Share photos, screenshots, GIFs, and videos directly in your chats. What’s more, the IM+ all-in-one messenger supports actual file sharing through attachments, so you can pass larger files to your friends and collaborators just as easily as plain images.

Custom Notifications

Configure all alerts in the IM+ instant messenger just the way you prefer, whether they’re pushed to you immediately or wait till you check them yourself. Set the standard rules that apply to all accounts, but then tweak them to your liking for individual services to maximize value and keep all distractions at bay.

Show Your Status

Make sure your friends and colleagues are aware of your availability. When you combine messaging apps, borders get muddy — so to avoid having your coworkers text you at 2am, update your personal status field across accounts to let them know what you are up to. Even more, IM+ allows for geo status updates, so when you leave work, you leave its digital side too.

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4.5 / 5
915 ratings
version 1.16.0 macOS 10.10.0 required
via + 230 apps.