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Moment features

Moment is a menu bar and Notification Center app that keeps track of your life. Add milestones and countdown events, see yearly/weekly/daily progress, and even monitor your own age or the age of your loved ones. Gentle nudges that make you pay attention to things that truly matter.

Create countdown events

Your pet’s birthday or an upcoming vacation, Moment generates countdown timers for anything. And it’s not only the events ahead. The app lets you look back at the starting point of something — like your first day at a new job or the day when you decided to quit coffee.

Track your progress

See your yearly, monthly, weekly, or daily progress right in the menu bar. Create personal milestones and add progress bar timers to them. You can even track your age or the age of your loved ones. The app keeps you perfectly aware of every moment of your life and helps plan your time more mindfully.

Give events a personal touch

These are your special moments, so they should look special. Personalize events with emojis or even your own photos. Name every event in a way that is easy to remember and keep track of. Change colors and set custom reminders for every important moment of your life.

Add moments to the menu bar

Some events are simply too important to be one of many. Moment solves this by letting you turn crucial events into individual menu bar items. This means you can keep your kid’s birthday countdown or a WFH timer always visible on Mac. Menu bar moments can be personalized with photos or emojis.

All events in Today Widget

A Mac’s Today view is a perfect place for planning your day. Naturally, it’s also a perfect place for Moment. The app integrates all your events and progress bars into the Today Widget so that you can take a peek at what should be accomplished without even opening the app.

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