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Ready to Send via Setapp

Generate draft email replies

Start your day with some work already done using Ready to Send. This web app connects to your Gmail, finds unread emails that need replying, and generates handy drafts. All you need to do is review, edit, and send.
version 1.0

Ready to Send features

Get automated email reply drafts

Ready to Send uses AI to generate drafts to your emails that need replies. When you open your inbox, the drafts will already be there, so all you have to do is review and send.

Customize response style

With Ready to Send, you can describe your business, your writing style, usual letter length, and so on, to help it generate draft email responses that sound just like you. Use Custom Instructions to set things up.

Tell how to respond

Use the app’s How to reply… field to type in what response you want Ready to Send to generate, add any relevant information or describe what answer you are planning to send. The AI will do the rest!

Disable auto-generated responses

Don’t want Ready to Send to automatically generate replies to email from a specific sender? Simply open a message from the sender in question, click the Ready to Send icon on the right, and toggle ‘Auto-generate replies’ to off.

Add calendar links automatically

If you want your draft replies to contain a link to your calendar, simply add the instruction to your Custom Instructions. Ask the app to include your calendar link in relevant responses (remember to provide your calendar link in the initial instruction as well).

Generate emails from scratch

Need an email that needs writing? Ask the app to generate an email according to your requirements. You can add a recipient, email subject line, or any other relevant information to help the app generate the email draft that you want. Take your time with a few iterations to get things just perfect.

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Ready to Send
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