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Collect documents digitally

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Receipts Receipts

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Receipts via Setapp

Collect documents digitally

Get Receipts to keep receipts in order. This powerful utility collects your digital receipts in multiple formats and helps manage all the accounting from one place. Scan documents, organize by category, date, or payment status, set payment reminders, and export flexibly. All-in-one finance management, right on your Mac.
4.5 / 5
915 ratings
version 1.9.15 macOS 10.11 required

Receipts features

Simple import options

Drag and drop docs or folders to the Receipts window—from images to web pages, the app will convert anything you import into PDF. Or, use a file dialog or an import button for a quick upload. Thanks to a document scanner support, Receipts also recognizes scanned docs.

Advanced content recognition

Receipts sees through the contents of your docs. The app automatically extracts values like document date, bank connection as well as total and tax amount. Not only does it read your receipts, Receipts also studies connections between documents to assign corresponding contacts.

End-to-end customization

The app has powerful default settings—recognizing currency, tax rates, and assigning dates. Enjoy the automation or customize settings in Preferences. You can also completely change the app layout, activating and deactivating features in the sidebar and input window.

Powerful filtering

Put your receipts into corresponding categories like Car, Gifts, or Goods. You can enrich the list with custom categories and tags, categorize by stars, date, or payment status. Apply filters based on the values you use and spot the receipt you’re looking for, lightning fast.

Extensive integrations

From GrandTotal to iFinance to mail clients, Receipts has in-built support for a range of your favorite tools. Integrate with GrandTotal to create invoices from receipts, use iFinance or MoneyMoney for direct payments, and set up automatic receipt uploading from Mail.

Process and share your own way

Export receipts in PDF or original formats. Whether it’s for further processing or analytics, you can export receipts data to CSV, Excel, DATEV, JSON, or Columns. Get comprehensive reports in a simple or formatted form, or share docs in one click via the toolbar. Easy.

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4.5 / 5
915 ratings
version 1.9.15 macOS 10.11 required
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