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Protect passwords and private data

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Protect passwords and private data

Secrets is a secure, straightforward password vault, perfect for storing and retrieving sensitive information. Backed by industry-standard PGP encryption, this intuitive app helps streamline your workflow while keeping your information safe. You can use it to store passwords and look them up yourself or enable its autofill feature to have the app sign you into websites and applications automatically. No more writing down passwords only to lose track of them a week later — Secrets doesn’t forget. It generates steel-strong passwords based on the requirements of the app or website you’d like to use. In addition, Secrets can record credit card or bank information for safekeeping.
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915 ratings
version 3.8.3 macOS 10.12 required

Secrets features

Safe and sound storage

Access all your passwords and other personal information in a straightforward and consolidated digital password storage space with just one secure passphrase, which only the main app has access to. Secrets also backs your account with a recovery key and an automatic locking feature, just in case you forget your passphrase or lose your laptop.

Strong password generator

Register for new services without having to think of a password ever again — Secrets will create strong passwords automatically when you add new login items, following their requirements to a T. Secrets also allows you to import passwords from other managers, like LastPass and 1Password, with its built-in filters helping you weed out old, weak, or vulnerable passwords.

Powerful interface

Organize your information in Secrets for easy retrieval. Mark certain items as favorites to keep them handy at all times or create custom filters to group related notes as you see fit. All of your sensitive information in the Secrets library is instantly accessible via search and, in case you need some assistance, there is an in-app helper to guide you.

Keep bank details in a vault

Store not only passwords safe and out of reach with Secrets but also your other private information, such as credit card credentials and confidential notes of all kinds. Think of Secrets not so much as a password manager, but as the most secure digital vault there can be.

Autofill logins in Chrome and Safari

Enter your login credentials instantly by using Google Chrome or Safari browser integrations to log in to websites or web apps. Sounds easy enough. But on the background, you can also let Secrets continuously perform vulnerability scans and look for breached accounts and passwords that are flagged immediately.

Access from anywhere

Use Secrets across your Apple devices to always have the information you need on hand. The iCloud sync means that your passwords and other private information stay secure, updated, and available whether you’re at your desk or on the go.

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4.5 / 5
915 ratings
version 3.8.3 macOS 10.12 required
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