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Fancy Git client

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Fancy Git client

If you find working with Git tedious and repetitive, TaoGit is here to make your process smooth, efficient, and more streamlined — all in a macOS-friendly interface. The app optimizes some of the most used actions in Git, including commit, fetch, pull, push, merge, as well as provides more tools for simpler code management in Git.
4.5 / 5
915 ratings
version 1.4.1 macOS 11.0 required

TaoGit features

One-click Git actions

Enjoy an entirely different experience with actions in Git. Commit, pull, and push in a single click. Do a full sync instantly to implement all the changes or use separately as needed. TaoGit interface is styled in a familiar macOS-matching design that helps navigate your projects easily.

Work with submodules

Manage your complex submodule hierarchy easily. TaoGit provides you with the most crucial information about your hierarchy at a glance. View the big picture to better manage your projects.

Advanced .gitignore

Nobody wants to sync random files to your repositories. In TaoGit, you can ignore specific files or use a template. TaoGit provides more than 500 template sets for different languages and specific project types, to create or change .gitignore. Use search to find the templates and long tap to preview.

Convenient context clues

TaoGit has a handy right-click context menu to browse available actions on any stage of your work. The app also serves clues based on context and provides hints for numerous scenarios.

Project browser

Make use of TaoGit’s browser to navigate your projects with lightning speed. Add favorites, drag and drop repositories to create instant direct links, open projects in Terminal, Finder, XCode. Got a URL in your clipboard? Clone the repo in a single click!

Friendly UX

TaoGit aims to make your Git experience as simple as possible. The app’s interface has a familiar macOS-like design and its functionality simplifies some of the most common user journeys in Git. The app sets out to make your Git experience smooth, fast, and intuitive.

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4.5 / 5
915 ratings
version 1.4.1 macOS 11.0 required
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