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World Clock Pro

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Positive reviews percentage
314 ratings

World Clock Pro via Setapp

Work across time zones

World Clock Pro is a fancy international time zone converter ideal for anyone who works and interacts with people from numerous countries on a frequent basis. It will become the perfect everyday companion for planning, scheduling any kind of webinars, meetings, group activities, and calls. So, if you have to do with any kind of world time zones planning or simply wish to effortlessly compare multiple time zones to reveal the most suitable time to ring your friends or family, this time zone converter is a smart choice. Learning and checking what time it is in any part of the world is fast and fun with this world clock app.
version 1.7.7
requires macOS 10.11 or later

World Clock Pro features

Multiple time zone clock

Do you simultaneously work on several projects worldwide? Adjust group calls or corporate meetings without any efforts. Add cities and timezones like GMT and UTC with a click. Enjoy a brand-new experience of planning and scheduling!

Time zone map + time offset visualization

When it comes to arranging calls and meetings through a number of time zones, this world time zone clock makes a great solution. Select the preferable time zones and add them to Favorites. For better visualization, have a peek at the needed areas on a map.

Time clock converter for everyday use

Convert times throughout the world within seconds, plan travel or check flight arrival time across time zones. Pick good meeting times for colleagues from different countries with a drag of a cursor. Effortlessly choose the preferable time for all of them.

Live weather in every part of the globe

See live weather and weather forecasts in the selected areas, not to mention every part of the world. Plan, organize and arrange any kind of outdoor activities with ease and hassle free.

MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar support

The addition of Touch Bar support should make using this time zone calculator a more integrated and pleasant experience. Don’t settle for less, get full advantage of the latest Apple computer’s Touch Bar functionality!

Great user experience

Being easy, convenient and fun to use, World Clock Pro becomes a must have for any avid project manager or simply person often calling partners, relatives and mates abroad. Arrange webinars, organize group calls, and do more great things on your Mac!

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World Clock Pro
Positive reviews percentage
314 ratings
version 1.7.7
requires :platform 10.11 or later
World Clock Pro
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