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XCOrganizer features

XCOrganizer is a tool that lets you easily locate any project on a disk. Browse through Xcode Projects, Xcode Workspaces, Swift Playgrounds, and Swift Packages grouped by types. Assign tags based on project goals. Add whatever you’re working on to favorites. Humans can’t possibly keep track of all project names. XCOrganizer can.

An all-mighty search

XCOrganizer uses metadata to find anything across your projects, workspaces, and playgrounds. While it’s all indexed, you don’t even have to get the name right — just start typing and XCOrganizer will show all the relevant results. You can also preview the contents of a project via Spotlight or QuickLook.

Projects grouped by types

Let’s say you have no clue about the name of the project. But you probably remember what type it is — like an extension or some kind of recently created framework. With XCOrganizer, this is all you need to know. The app helps you find specific projects by browsing through relevant groups.

Separate work and personal projects

You can assign custom tags to each of your Xcode projects, workspaces, and playgrounds. The app comes with a range of predefined tags such as Work, Home, and Opensource. But you can also generate personal tags and add them anywhere — the whole process is a no-brainer.

Bookmark projects in a click

Want to keep an eye on something particular? Add projects to Favorites for instant access. It’s like your private shelf in XCOrganizer — for any work-in-progress stuff and frequently accessed projects.

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