Setapp announces alternative to iTunes Affiliate Program

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Whether you are a former iTunes affiliate or just have a passion for app reviews, we understand your pain. According to Apple’s latest announcement, all apps and in-app purchases will be removed from the iTunes Affiliate Program today, October 1, 2018. What this means is that Apple will no longer be rewarding third-party promotions associated with apps. Ouch.

The closure of the iTunes App Store Affiliate Program is a big deal for Apple enthusiasts who earn via app promotions. Previously, affiliates were paid a 7% commission per each app and in-app purchase, the latter being cut to 2.5% in May 2017. A gradual collapse culminated in the end of the program altogether. If affiliate marketing is a key part of your business model – you’re skating on thin ice.

Does this mean macOS app evangelism is dead? Setapp says no way. As a member of the Setapp Affiliate Program, expect your promotional efforts to be rewarded. With lots of prime macOS apps available for review on Setapp, you can continue to earn affiliate commissions on your website or YouTube channel. And, between us, there’s a higher chance you’ll earn big here.

Earning money as a Setapp affiliate

For those who decide to jump in, we offer generous affiliate payouts: each affiliate receives $10 per Setapp sign-up. To be approved, all you need is an Apple-related website or social media account and a desire to share reviews of the select macOS apps with your audience. It’s a win-win!

As an affiliate, you’ll receive links and ready-to-use media materials to advertise Setapp on your own platform. Apart from social and web channels, it’s also possible to promote Setapp through your mailing lists. Keep in mind, you can only do so as long as recipients are clients or subscribers and they have the option to unsubscribe.

Making things easier for you

The Affiliate Team will gladly share best online advertising practices with you so you won’t have to dig around. To make your experience even more seamless, our Team works with the Impact affiliate network to take care of tracking, reporting, and payouts. At any time, you’ll be able to log into your affiliate account to view statistics, grab affiliate links, download banners, or check for resources to help you get started. It’s that simple.

In exchange for promoting Setapp, affiliates get the chance to enrich their original content with first-hand reviews of such popular apps as: CleanMyMac X, Gemini 2, Wallpaper Wizard, and more. If you’ve already reviewed some apps available on Setapp but linked them originally to iTunes (which is very likely), simply update any existing product mentions with your Setapp affiliate links.

Join the best Apple affiliate program alternative

If you are interested in becoming a part of our Affiliate Program, you can apply to join here. The link will send you to a brief application form consisting of five blocks. Take a few minutes to fill it out, send for review, and get ready to earn. Although the Affiliate Team cannot approve all applications, if your audience rallies behind exciting new tech, you have a darn good chance.

What’s more, Setapp is fully integrated with the biggest and most solid Apple operating system to date – macOS Mojave. All Setapp apps are Mojave-ready, and you’re free to choose any for full review. Welcome all applicants!

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