Setapp launches an annual plan of $8.99/mo

1 min read

Today Setapp celebrates the launch of an annual plan for our users. From now on (and forever) when you sign up for an annual plan, Setapp will only cost you $8.99/month. So you’ll be getting all the apps and saving 10% on every payment.

Annual plan is a feature we have wanted to roll out for a long time now. It’s way more convenient to pay a single time and simply know you’ve got all the apps you need for a whole year. Lots of corporate users would rather send a single invoice that collect the small fees every month. It’s also easier for managers to provide software packs for their teams.

Annual plan is released on July 19 and will be available to both new and registered users. To change your plan from monthly to annual, simply open the Subscription tab in your user account and click on “Change plan.” Stay tuned for more news from our development team!

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