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Paste releases new clipboard manager for iOS
The team behind Paste worked hard to release the widely requested iOS update, making 379 improvements under the hood of the app itself and spending 467 hours building out the iOS version.
TouchRetouch “remover” joins Setapp
TouchRetouch joins Setapp. It's an app that offers you all the tools you need to efficiently remove unwanted content from any photo. Try for free and make your images clean and beauty.
TablePlus database app available on Setapp
Now, you can share, create, access and organize data easier and faster. Get the pro version of a brilliant database management tool to its collection — TablePlus on Setapp.
IM+ all-in-one messaging app joins Setapp
Why you should try IM+? IM+ for Mac available on Setapp today brings you every popular messenger under one beautiful interface. Use Slack, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, LinkedIn, Telegram and more in one app and effortlessly handle the mayhem of direct messaging.
Extend Wi-Fi range, increase speed and fix network problems with WiFi Explorer
Let's investigate your network to find the sources of your Wi-Fi performance problems and perform a general network health check. Find out more.
Surprise someone dear with a Setapp gift card
Setapp subscription is perfect for Mac lovers and now you have the chance to share that love, ranging from 1 month (appreciation) to 24 months (full-blown adoration).
Manuscripts: an app to excel at academic writing
Purpose-built to handle sections and subsections, bibliography citations, equations, and tables, the Manuscripts helps keep track of supporting evidence and requirements while giving you a distraction-free writing environment.
Findings 2: Manage research projects of any size
Setapp users not only get full access to over 100 apps for any task at hand but also every update those apps will ever release. Just like today, when Findings is becoming Findings 2, it is immediately available to everyone on the platform.
Setapp Nominated for An Interactive Innovation Award at SXSW 2018
We are delighted to announce that Setapp has been nominated for an Interactive Innovation Award at SXSW in Austin, Texas.
Setapp launches extra seats for more Macs
Big news: adding more Macs now available. Read more or get to max out the Macs in your Setapp.
New app Spotless launches on Setapp only
Setapp is exclusively launching Spotless, an app that makes organizing the files on your Mac effortless or even automatic! Check it out
Keep finances on track with MoneyWiz
Learn how to have a clear and responsive picture of where your money is going, how much of it you’re moving, and when it trades hands.
How to connect to virtual private networks with Shimo
Here’s how to set up and configure Shimo app, a flexible VPN client that give you advanced remote access and security features while supporting a variety of VPN servers.
Setapp voted “Consumer Product of the Year” on Product Hunt
Every year Product Hunt, one of the biggest platforms that hunts for innovations in software and hardware, holds a contest to define the best of the best. Product Hunt community gathers thousands of developers and tech-fans, and their vote means the world to a fresh product like Setapp.
Setapp Turns One
Setapp is officially a one-year-old, and the numbers are quite impressive: 107 apps available on the platform, with over 300,000 users, 15,500 of which are paying.
Polarr could be your new favorite Mac photo editing app
Meet Polarr app, an incredibly intuitive photo editor with a powerful auto-enhancement tools and advanced filters to edit every detail of your picture.
Renamer: the best way to batch rename files and folders on a Mac
Renaming multiple files can be a tedious process when doing so manually, but the Renamer app can make it easier to rename a batch of files at once on your Mac.
Get organized with Pixa: tips to manage all your digital pictures.
There are plenty of easy tips to manage, organize and search through photos.
Build a website with Rapidweaver app
How to build your own website in minutes? Meet a Rapidweaver is an extremely intuitive tool for creating slick, professional-looking websites. There’s no code to learn — instead, you organize pages and plugins much as you would a series of folders.
Numi - an easier way to perform calculations on your Mac
Learn more on how the calculator app lets you perform calculations in plain English, exactly as you would say them. Instead of punching in numbers, you write down what you need and the Numi app gives you an output that’s easy to copy and paste elsewhere.
Pagico: the best all-in-one organizer for your Mac
Learn more about Pagico, all-in-one organizer to manage work and life.
News Explorer: a powerful news reader for your Mac
Meet a easy-to-use RSS, JSON, Atom and Twitter newsreader app on Setapp. Here're the most powerful News Explorer features that offer curated content and customizable news sources for your Mac.
Ciao, amici! Ora Setapp parla Italiano
We've just translated Setapp into the beautiful Italian language so all of our sun-loving Italian fans can enjoy it even more.
Permute: convenient image, audio and video converter for your Mac
You’ll never have to worry about file compatibility again; the format you need will always be a drag, a drop, and click away. Permute is a shockingly convenient converter for any audio, video, and image format.
PDF Squeezer: Reduce the file size of your PDFs
Learn more on how to use PDF Squeezer for reducing the size of pdf file, watch how sake it easy to get around size limits for emailing or posting PDFs online when you need to preserve their readability.
Noizio: get rid of distractions with ambient background sounds
This ambient sound equalizer app cuts out distractions by letting you create custom mixes of relaxing white noise. Easy to manage and toggle on and off, it’s a great way to find a sense of calm focus for work or relaxation.
n-Track Studio: a powerful Digital Audio Multitrack Recorder for your Mac.
Its all-in-one suite of tools lets you record, mix, edit, and export a track all from your Mac desktop. The app supports multi-track recording and can even handle live recordings, while also offering an extensive effects library and a lightweight, latency-free audio engine. Learn more about N-track Studio app.
Do you need to go to TechCrunch Disrupt?
TechCrunch Disrupt is an annual conference held in San Francisco, New York, and beyond—past events have been held in London, and in 2017 TechCrunch Disrupt expands to Berlin. Aimed at startups, TechCrunch Disrupt features the Startup Battlefield competition, a 24-hour hackathon, and Startup Alley, a place for early stage companies to show off their ideas.
How to Host An Awesome Product Hunt Meetup in Your City
Product Hunt Kyiv Meetup #2 at MacPaw Office.
Demand For Subscription Services Continues to Increase
Subscription services are everywhere, and demand for them continues to grow. Learn more in this article.
iStat Menus: An Advanced System Monitor for Your Menubar
This app covers a huge range of stats, including a CPU monitor, GPU, memory, network usage, disk usage, disk activity, temperature monitoring, fan sensors, power sensors, date & time, battery and more.
Image2Icon: Create Icons and Customize your Mac
Make your own icons with Image2Icon app for macOS. Learn more on how to convert any image to icon and keep them organized for future use.
GoodTask: a smart reminder and task manager for your Mac
This elegant daily reminder app will help you organize and prioritize your tasks and projects. You can also have them repeat hourly, daily, monthly, or even by the minute. Get things done easier.
Aeon Timeline: The Visual Timeline App
Aeon Timeline helps you visualize a whole variety of tasks — from creative projects to business planning. Learn how to use it.
Hype: Create HTML5 animation easily
With Hype you can create web animations and layouts and export them as HTML5 code, meaning they’ll always look good on the web and mobile devices.
Alternote — the powerful note-taking app with native support for Markdown
This Evernote alternative app is designed to be the most convenient way to make notes, collect information, write down your ideas, feelings and memories.
Elmedia Player and Folx are safe to use via Setapp
One of the most popular video players for Mac, Elmedia Player has suffered a security breach today but Setapp versions of the application is completely safe.
Organize your Thoughts with iThoughtsX
See how to iThoughtsx app letting you export your mind maps in a range of formats for presentation, sharing, or posting. Take advantage of its comprehensive interface to represent complex, interconnected ideas. You’ll never be hemmed in by the limitations of Powerpoint again.
Protect your files with Get Backup Pro
We'll show you how to protect your files with a compact and powerful backup tool for your Mac. Let's keep your important data secure.
Edit your code faster with Coderunner app
Meet a great-looking editor that lets you compose and test code in just about any language you can throw at it. Here’s how to get the most out of Coderunner.
iMazing: get more control over the iOS data on your Mac
Discover an easy way to sync data between your Mac and your iOS devices. Learn how to transfer files, manage apps, call logs, and voice memos with iMazing app.
Folx, an easy to use download manager and torrent client app
Folx is an easy to use download manager and torrent client app. Check out how useful it can be.
Control the weather with Forecast Bar
This tiny app automatically determines your location to provide hyper-local weather data. Get accurate weather forecasts right from your Mac's menu bar.
An easy way to add movies and multiple folders to iTunes
We'll show you how you can import video and music to iTunes easily and faster. Discover the best features of iFlicks to add and manage your iTunes library from your Mac.
Spread the Word, Setapp has 100 Apps on Board!
Today, we have 100 apps and more are coming within weeks. Setapp collection covers more everyday tasks than any Mac service in existence.
Gifox: Create and Share GIF Animations Easily
Meet Gifox, a powerful GIF recorder for your Mac. Learn how to create animated GIFs of anything on your screen, share and instantly save GIF images to cloud drives easily and faster.
Create and manage databases with Base app
Base is a lightweight and simple way of taking control over your databases. Learn more on how to use it.
Focused: the Best Distraction-Free Writing App
If you've been looking for an app for writing, try Focused. It’s a simple text editor, with built-in markdown. Check out what it has to offer.
Lacona: a powerful keyboard-driven assistant for your Mac
Discover how to boosts your productivity with Lacona, a smart and fast keyboard-driven productivity application for macOS. It helps you launch apps, play music, find files, search the web and do more easily.
How to get rid of distractions and stay focused on your task with HazeOver dimmer
HazeOver gives you precise control over which windows stay illuminated, letting you customize the lighting that best suits your workflow.
Downie is a powerful downloader to save online videos in any formats
Watch your favorite videos offline, in any format. Learn how to use Downie to download and save videos and music in a format of your choice, then watch and listen them later without an internet connection.
Elmedia Player: a Powerful Media Player for your Mac
Meet the best multimedia player app for macOS on Setapp: it can play all media files on your Mac, browse the Internet and show you online videos from the app window, download online videos and soundtracks, stream music and video to other devices, and more - discover all app’s features here.
Keep Track of Tasks, Projects, and Notes with Cloud Outliner
We'll show you the easy way to keep track of notes and tasks, whether you’re planning a writing project or an event.
Chronosync Express: Make Reliable Backups and Synchronize Folders Easily.
Learn how to make reliable backups, create drive clones, and mirrors folders across your Mac devices. Meet Chronosync Express and discover best features to go back in time, sync your files, boost your productivity and more.
Switchem Saves Time by Organizing Your Apps Into Work Groups
Switchem can help you get right to work by grouping apps, windows, and files into groups that you can open all at once, right from Switchem’s menubar app. Learn more about most useful app's fearures.
How to Recover Files and Protect your Mac Disks with Disk Drill
Learn more on how to use Disk Drill app, an all-in one solution for recovering lost data and protecting your files.
Faster Coding with regular Expressions
Meet an Expressions app for simpler and more efficient coding. Learn more about most popular features and begin to use regex to save development time.
Rocket Typist is All About Text Expansion to Save Your Time
Rocket Typist is a powerful text expansion app, it stores all your snippets locally, and it was just added to Setapp. Learn how Rocket Typist can save you time and hassle every day. We think you’re going to love it.
Meet Wokabulary, the powerful flash card vocabulary learning app for Mac
Meet a new vocabulary learning app for your Mac - create your own vocabularies, take quizzes, track your progress results, and even share vocabularies through iCloud. Learn more about most powerful Wokabulary features.
macOS High Sierra Software Compatibility with Setapp
How to know if your favorite applications will run in macOS 10.13? Download Setapp and get ready for upgrade to new macOS. Every app on Setapp is fully compatible with High Sierra.
Flawless: Visual Quality Check Right Inside iOS Simulator
Got iOS apps? Flawless helps you make them look great on every device
Archiver app: Compress, Preview and Open Any Archive Files
Wondering what's in the archive you downloaded, but you don't want to extract it to find out? With Archiver app you can preview compressed files, and unzip only the files you need, reduce any file size, open any archives, combine and split a large files easily.
Keep your Mac from falling asleep with Lungo
Lungo lets you change your Mac’s sleep behavior easily and temporarily, with just one click.
Keep Track of Spending with Chronicle
Add recurring bills, save receipts, and keep track of your upcoming expenses all in one place.The first step to financial well-being is getting a handle on what you owe and when, and the surest way to do that is to consolidate your bills.
Chatmate - the smart WhatsApp desktop client for your Mac
Meet Chatmate for WhatsApp on Setapp, a smart desktop client for your Mac. So you have a new way to stay in touch anytime and anywhere - whether on your phone or computer at home or work.
Be Focused: Smart Time Tracking for your Productivity
Meet a powerful focus booster - Be Focused on Setapp. Learn how to be focused on your work, keep track your time, and use a timer to break down work into intervals to be more productive.
Let’s meet at TechCrunch Disrupt
Setapp will be exhibiting at TechCrunch Disrupt from September 18-20, 2017, in San Francisco. See you there.
8 apps to keep your Mac in tip-top shape
Find everything you need to take care of your Mac, keep your data safe, troubleshoot issues on Setapp.
5 reasons Gmail users should try Boxy
Meet Boxy, an app that brings the real Inbox by Gmail experience to your desktop. It's always ready to go, fetching new emails in background - try now the best alternative to the default Mail app for Mac with Setapp.
Setapp speaks Spanish and we’re pretty contento about it
It’s time to give Setapp more languages to speak - from now on, Setapp is translated in Spanish.
Capto: Capture and Edit Screen Records Easily
Learn how to take screenshots, screencasts and screen recordings effortless, organize your recordings, add audio, trim and crop, and add arrows and comments to video and screenshots.
Merlin Project Express: explore a smart project management app
Try a simple but powerful project management app on Setapp: use Merlin Project Express to manage your projects, tasks and deadlines. Consolidate all your information in one place with smart project management app for the Mac. We believe that Merlin Project Express allows you manage complex tasks with ease.
Review: Photolemur, the powerful automatic photo enhancement app for your Mac.
It's about providing quick and easy photo enhancement for anyone: explore Photolemur, the smart AI-powered photo app for your Mac. Check out how to use one-click enhancement to automatically fix your images.
Flume: a Native Instagram App for your Mac
Flume is a native Mac app that lets you do more, and once Instagram fans get a look at it, they might even prefer Flume to the native Instagram app for iPhones.
Wallpaper Wizard Puts Gorgeous Mac Desktop Backgrounds just a Click Away
Meet Wallpaper Wizard an app that will change the way you use desktop wallpapers. Explore endless wallpapers and backgrounds and set a new amazing HD wallpapers every day, hour, or minute. Check out what’s in it and discover all features of Wallpaper Wizard app.
Meet Findings, a Smart and Simple Digital Lab Notebook App
Designed with scientists, inventors, cooks, and other tinkerers in mind, Findings app lets you search, organize and share all your research activity, track, and execute your work in one convenient place.
Does Mac have a task manager that helps you get things done? Meet 2Do, a full-featured GTD software for macOS
Let's take a look at how to get things done faster, better, and more easily. Learn about 2Do app, a full-featured task manager for your Mac.
Meet the powerful Home Inventory app for Mac on Setapp
Meet the powerful Home Inventory app for Mac on Setapp. Do you ever loan stuff to neighbors? We do, and sometimes we lose track of that things, and it never comes back. Discover how to organize and store information about your home, maintain a list of stuff you have, track and protect the things that are important for you.
Introducing IconJar, the best tool for organizing icons
IconJar, just added to Setapp, keeps all your icons organized, so they’re easy to find, resize, and export into your other projects with a simple drag and drop.
Meet Tayasui Sketches Pro for Mac
You can draw, paint, and design with your fingers on the trackpad, or use a graphics tablet with a stylus - just try Tayasui Sketches and discover how creative you are
BetterZip: Achieve Better Compression for Files and Folders
Here's easy way to view, modify, add, and remove files directly from archives without the need to unzip them. Meet a smart BetterZip file archiver that provides better data compression much faster.
Dropshare: The Easiest Way to Grab and Share Screenshots
Learn about Dropshare, an app that helps you sharing screenshots and files with the world. Let’s take a look at how to get the most out of its features.
How to Write Your Best with Ulysses
Discover Ulysses, the most elegant word processor for Mac. It has Markdown formatting, publishing tools, and and iOS client that is now available to Setapp users on their phones and tablets.
Organize your desktop with Unclutter app
Meet Unclutter: an all-in-one desktop productivity solution that allows Setapp's users manage all information on their Mac. Check out the most powerful app's features.
TripMode: Manage the Internet Access of Mac Apps when you Travel
Data can be precious when you're on the road. Maybe you're using your iPhone as a mobile hotspot to share its data plan with your Mac. Or maybe you got suckered into paying for a hotel or airplane Wi-Fi with a data cap. TripMode, new to Setapp, is perfect for this situation.
Workspaces: a virtual place to organize your projects.
Meet a light but useful app that remembers your project resources, so you can quickly open them. Check out all powerful features of Workspaces for your projects.
Welcome to Paste: the most useful cloud clipboard history and snippets manager for Mac
Paste is powerful clipboard manager for a Mac, which stores everything you copy. Let's take a look at how to get the most out of its features.
Setapp Gives a 50% Discount to Students and Educators
Time to start thinking about school - Setapp has released its educational discount. Now students and educators can change their Setapp subscription from monthly to yearly, and save 50%.
Meet ForkLift: a complete FTP client for your Mac
ForkLift is one of the best file managers ever made for the Mac, and we know Setapp users will love its power and ease of use. Check out what’s in it.
Introducing Declutter: an easy desktop clean up app for Mac
If your Mac desktop is cluttered with folders and files use Declutter, the new app on Setapp that allows clean up a desktop in two clicks. Check out all Declutter's features for your Mac.
Introducing Paw, an HTTP client and API tool for developers
The Paw has joined the Setapp family and now you can use a powerful REST API Client for software developers. Learn more about most popular key features that make a Paw app best Mac-native HTTP client ever.
Setapp launches an annual plan of $8.99/mo
Today Setapp has released its annual plan. Now you can change your Setapp subscription from monthly to yearly, and save 10% on each payment.
Talk to Anyone Anywhere with the new Mate Instant Translate app
The team of Mate (Instant Translate) has rolled out a new cool upgrade with a Phrasebook feature. Creating and organizing your vocabulary has never been easier.
Bonjour and Guten Tag: Setapp speaks more languages
It’s time to give Setapp more languages to speak - from now on, Setapp is translated in French, German, and Brazilian Portuguese.
World Clock Pro Gets a Major Update
See what's new in the lastest version of World Clock Pro.
Setapp Apps Are Now Hand-picked For You Personally.
With machine learning-powered recommendations, Setapp finds you apps you’re sure to fall in love with.
How A Buyer Persona Research Turned Into An Industry Report
This article tells a story on how we were working on a pretty ordinary marketing project, but ended up producing a really huge Mac industry report.
New apps on Setapp: Noizio and WaitingList
This month we’ve got two perfect puzzle pieces to complete our Lifestyle category: Noizio and WaitingList.
Screens Gets A Makeover With New Features
Accessing your Mac from any spot in the universe is faster, simpler, and more secure with the new upgrade from Screens developers.
Setapp: A User Experience That Keeps Getting Better
Take a glimpse inside the new Setapp account and its major improvements and find out what’s coming next.
BetterZip Now Zips Even Better
One of the best archiving apps on the Mac market just got an upgrade with a whole lot of improvements.
Setapp and Paddle WWDC 2017 Party
Two main things are going down in San Jose this year: there’s a Developers conference and an epic party by Setapp. We joined forces with our friends at Paddle to throw the best event for developers of the season and we just had to find the perfect spot for it.
Timing 2: Turning your Freelancing Dreams Real
After more than one year of full-time work, Timing app receives its biggest update ever. A complete redesign of the UI makes Timing 2 a pleasure to use, to finally make time tracking enjoyable.
The Evolution of the Revolution: Setapp Gets a UI Revamp
Our users have been asking for a better structured Setapp to help them explore apps easily and make choices quickly. So, we built exactly that.
Setapp Launches Friends Program
Friends make your life better, and now they can make your Setapp better, too. We’ve just launched our referral program and it’s all about friendship (and signups).