iStat Menus: An Advanced System Monitor for Your Menubar

iStat Menus brings you new insights into how your Mac is performing, all built into your menubar. The app displays information about your CPU, memory, solid state drives, and network connection, and gives you a convenient way to check in on your computer’s sensors.

Control Mac's activity and performance from menubar

Each menubar display expands into a set of specialized charts and displays, each of which gives more specific information. Plus, you’ll be able to customize the appearance of each display according to your needs.

Here’s how it all works.

Exploring the menus

By default, iStat Menus embeds five displays in your Mac’s Menubar: CPU, Memory, Solid State Drive, Network, and Sensors. To expand any menu, just click on its icon. You’ll find a series of readouts, with some illustrated by charts and graphs. For more information about a particular readout, hover over it with with your cursor. Some readouts expand into additional graphs or more detailed tables.

If you ever want to remove a iStat Menus from your desktop, click the “uninstall” button at the bottom of any of the readouts.

Changing Your Preferences

In the app’s preferences tab, you’ll find a number of options for customizing your display. The section offers unique preferences for each display, giving you access only to the information you want and need.

Each display has an On/Off slider bar located to the right of its name. Move this bar to the “off” position to remove that display from the Menubar. Use the drop-down menus and radio buttons to set up your custom displays however you’d like.


On the app’s main page, you’ll find a set of controls that will let you customize its appearance. Use the color buttons to set the display colors for graphs, and choose from several background and theme color options. Under the “order” tab, you’ll be able to set the order in which the app’s displays appear in your Menubar.

Knowledge is power, and iStat Menus in Setapp tells you everything you’d ever want to know about how your Mac is running. Take advantage of its customizable appearance and functionality to get the information you want and need.