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How to create a time-lapse video, step-by-step
Did you know the best way to make time lapse video? This guide is about the time-lapse recording and tips to do that by your Mac, iPhone or iPad
How to delete mail downloads from a Mac
For many of us, email is a necessary email. Email makes our student and professional lives significantly easier, as a way of sending and sharing information. Not everything can be sent in a text, Facebook or WhatsApp message, or using Snapchat or Slack.
How To Set Up iMessage On Mac Right Now
Here, we’ll cover how to get iMessage on Mac, what to do with iMessages not working on Mac, and give you a few useful hacks as well.
How To Use Emoji On Mac Like A Pro
By now all of us have emoji keyboards on our iPhones. They are near effortless: just switch the language and type. But it’s a completely different story on macOS.
Weave your story into a slideshow
Based on pre-built snippets, Fotomagico cleverly constructs a beautiful visual story using audio, images, video, and text. While you remain the main architect, Fotomagico gets it all done.
How To Use iCloud Photo Library With Sync
How do you transfer photos from your iPhone to your Mac? There are a few popular ways to do that. Some are old and proven, and some are conceptually new.
How To Split Screen On Mac For Extra Productivity
Today, our multifaceted responsibilities require us to have multiple windows open on our Macs at all times, fending off never-ending Slack messages while writing emails and managing our calendars.
How To Quickly Edit Mac’s Hosts File
Despite the apparent ease of use, Macs are highly capable machines that could really open up their programmatic side and let you control them right from your keyboard.
How To Use Night Shift For Mac The Right Way
What Mac Night Shift does is it helps alleviate the strain on your eyes when the environment around you gets darker (at night) and also doesn’t block the production of melatonin, which controls the quality of your sleep.
How To Install Fonts On Mac In Seconds
​By default, your Mac comes with around 200 pre-installed typefaces, and each typeface could contain any where from a few to a few dozen fonts. Wait, aren’t typefaces and fonts the same thing? Not exactly. In simplified terms, a typeface is a family of fonts.