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How To Use Emoji On Mac Like A Pro
By now all of us have emoji keyboards on our iPhones. They are near effortless: just switch the language and type. But it’s a completely different story on macOS.
How to use Core Shell, a full-featured SSH client for Mac
Using Core Shell for Mac promises lots of colors, advanced features, and secure macOS Keychain integration. Enjoy instant connections to remote shells from anywhere, edit per-host, and simplify access through tagging
How to check your Mac for viruses and stay secure
One may ask, “Do you need antivirus to protect your Mac?” The reality is, all computers, even Macs, are vulnerable to malware (short for malicious software). While Apple takes a lot of security precautions, how secure your Mac is depends on your knowledge of how to check for viruses and how to remove them.
How To Type Special Keyboard Symbols On Mac
Whether you’re new to Mac or have been using it for years, highly specialized things like shortcuts, special Mac symbols, and accented characters might result in a web investigation spiralling out of control.
Mac cleaning tips that get you ready for spring
Spring cleaning is a fresh start and every self-respecting Macintosh needs one. We’ve collected some of the proven tips on how to help your Mac transition to spring time – clean and cheerful.
Easily Connect Bluetooth Headphones To Mac
Can't connect wireless headphones to Mac? Use this step-by-step guide and fix your Bluetooth connectivity issues in minutes.
Reset your Mac to factory settings in a few easy steps
Wipe and restore your Mac to factory settings to boost performance, get rid of bugs, or prepare it for a new owner.
How to recover files from a USB flash drive
Get your files back no matter whether your flash drive is damaged, doesn’t open on your Mac, or you simply deleted all the data on it.
SQLite that suits your data needs
A world-class SQLite manager for macOS, SQLPro is a combination of a sleek interface, advanced features, and multi-query execution. Quickly access, view, and edit multiple tables – the app makes your interaction with a database trouble-free.
Best Ways to Save Money on Software
Software and apps are an essential part of modern life. Not only do we share our lives through social networks — we plan our time, we meet people, we budget our money, and do a million other things through the convenience of our smartphones.