Step-by-step instructions on how to do stuff on Mac
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How to block websites and apps on your Mac
Restricting access to apps and websites has been a feature on both Windows and Macs since the early days. Surprisingly, most people aren’t even aware this is a possibility or don’t use it as it seems to be too complicated to set up.
Why Busy People Benefit From Simple List-Making Apps
Writing to-do lists reduces stress. When you are busy, when you’ve got a lot going on and a lot that needs doing, it can be easy to forget things or muddle up priorities when you need to focus on something more important.
How to recover files from a USB flash drive
Get your files back no matter whether your flash drive is damaged, doesn’t open on your Mac, or you simply deleted all the data on it.
How to use hidden, time-saving macOS multi-touch gestures
No matter what you think of the keyboards on Apple's laptops, their huge, luxurious, Multi-Touch, Force Touch trackpads can't be beat. And macOS includes tons of handy trackpad gestures that you might not be using already.
Organize your content with Movie Explorer Pro
Movie Explorer Pro is a small tool that completely changes your viewing experience. Search your Mac, collect files, create movie collections, filter and share – it’s basically your own Movie World. Only without Warner Bros.
Amazon S3 on macOS: connect to AWS bucket, sync between accounts, and mount as a hard drive with ease
Amazon S3 makes it easy to store and manage large amounts of data. Enabling tons of operations, from storing and extraction to backup, it’s an easy way to scale and manage anyone’s resources – both on individual and organizational levels. To make your workflow smoother, connect to AWS bucket on your Mac and get access to all of your files
A Brief Guide to Making and Transposing Your Email Signature
Email signatures are 21st century’s business cards. Not so much in the sense of getting to know people, but rather looking them up later. They are considered good etiquette in any business conversation conducted over email and by now have become the default piece of information to look up when needing to get a hold of someone in your business life.
SQLite that suits your data needs
A world-class SQLite manager for macOS, SQLPro is a combination of a sleek interface, advanced features, and multi-query execution. Quickly access, view, and edit multiple tables – the app makes your interaction with a database trouble-free.
All-embracing content management
Meet AnyTrans, an app that handles all of your data transferring needs. Literally, all of them. No matter where your precious content is stored – iPhone, iPad, or iCloud drives – AnyTrans reaches into every corner.
How to Schedule Meetings Across Different Time Zones on Mac
The wonder that is the internet has made it possible to work with anyone from anywhere in the world. If you’re a freelancer or a business without a dependence on locality, this is great — it means you can be based in the US and work with clients in the UK or Australia in exactly the same way you would if they were based in the same city.