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MacPaw stands with Ukraine. Here’s how you can help our country win with just several clicks.

Think tasks, not apps

You and your teammates can focus on work instead of endless apps purchases, licences and signups. When everyone stays in the flow, productivity grows.

A single price for everything

Pay a fixed monthly fee for a suite of 200+ tools and stay inside the monthly limits. Save up for something that really matters to your business.

Reduce the stress

Close to burning out? Right apps can make a difference. Save time and effort and have at hand all you need to finally enjoy your workday.
All apps in a single subscription:
CleanMyMac X
CleanMyMac X
Speed up and declutter Mac
iStat Menus
iStat Menus
Track CPU, GPU, sensors, etc.
CleanShot X
CleanShot X
Take better screenshots and GIFs
Personalize your menu bar
Track time you spend in each app
Never lose anything you copy
Query, edit, and manage databases

What’s more:

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Single billing and licensing

No more infinite signups and invoices. Pay for one membership and get access to all tools your team will ever need.
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Free updates, no ads

Every app is updated automatically, and annoying ads will never bother you. At no extra price.
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All your Mac and iOS devices

Connect all Macs, iPhones or iPads to your Setapp membership. Have all apps at hand wherever you go.
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No hidden payments

Pay a single fixed fee for everything in Setapp once a month or a year. Crystal clear.
Let Setapp be your team’s guide to the proper tools. Focus on the efficiency and push your dream to its very limits. It can happen. And it will happen with Setapp.
Oleksandr Kosovan
CEO Setapp
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