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How to select multiple photos on iCloud
October 11, 2022
Nowadays we take more pictures than ever. We record our daily lives on an hourly basis and require dozens of selfies to get that perfect Instagram shot. Combine this with increased megapixel count on each photo and you get heavy and overflowing photo libraries, which quickly eat up all the available storage space on our devices. And since there’s virtually no way to upgrade your phone storage, apart from buying a new expensive phone, people turn to iCloud.
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How to cancel iCloud storage plan on Mac
October 11, 2022
The most amazing thing about iCloud is that you never really use it directly, it just exists and supports you in your work. The only time you bump against iCloud is when you have too many files in the system and you get a notification about exceeding the limit of one of your Apple iCloud storage plans. What should you do then? Let's start by checking where your iCloud storage is actually going to.
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How to fix your Mac can’t connect to iCloud issue
October 10, 2022
In some cases you might find out that you can't sign into iCloud on Mac, getting an unknown error occurred iCloud message. This could be especially frustrating since not being able to access iCloud for Mac has the potential to ruin your day. So how do you resolve the issue? Let’s start with why the iCloud unknown error appears in the first place.
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How to back up photos to iCloud
June 13, 2022
It’s likely that you have multiple photo libraries scattered across different devices, which makes managing your files and backups extra difficult. Don’t fear! Below are quick catch-all solutions to reconfigure your mobile device, cloud storage, and computer back into backup harmony.
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