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Permute: convenient image, audio and video converter for your Mac
You’ll never have to worry about file compatibility again; the format you need will always be a drag, a drop, and click away. Permute is a shockingly convenient converter for any audio, video, and image format.
PDF Squeezer: Reduce the file size of your PDFs
Learn more on how to use PDF Squeezer for reducing the size of pdf file, watch how sake it easy to get around size limits for emailing or posting PDFs online when you need to preserve their readability.
Noizio: get rid of distractions with ambient background sounds
This ambient sound equalizer app cuts out distractions by letting you create custom mixes of relaxing white noise. Easy to manage and toggle on and off, it’s a great way to find a sense of calm focus for work or relaxation.
n-Track Studio: a powerful Digital Audio Multitrack Recorder for your Mac.
Its all-in-one suite of tools lets you record, mix, edit, and export a track all from your Mac desktop. The app supports multi-track recording and can even handle live recordings, while also offering an extensive effects library and a lightweight, latency-free audio engine. Learn more about N-track Studio app.
Do you need to go to TechCrunch Disrupt?
TechCrunch Disrupt is an annual conference held in San Francisco, New York, and beyond—past events have been held in London, and in 2017 TechCrunch Disrupt expands to Berlin. Aimed at startups, TechCrunch Disrupt features the Startup Battlefield competition, a 24-hour hackathon, and Startup Alley, a place for early stage companies to show off their ideas.
How to Host An Awesome Product Hunt Meetup in Your City
Product Hunt Kyiv Meetup #2 at MacPaw Office.
Demand For Subscription Services Continues to Increase
Subscription services are everywhere, and demand for them continues to grow. Learn more in this article.
iStat Menus: An Advanced System Monitor for Your Menubar
This app covers a huge range of stats, including a CPU monitor, GPU, memory, network usage, disk usage, disk activity, temperature monitoring, fan sensors, power sensors, date & time, battery and more.
Image2Icon: Create Icons and Customize your Mac
Make your own icons with Image2Icon app for macOS. Learn more on how to convert any image to icon and keep them organized for future use.
GoodTask: a smart reminder and task manager for your Mac
This elegant daily reminder app will help you organize and prioritize your tasks and projects. You can also have them repeat hourly, daily, monthly, or even by the minute. Get things done easier.