Setapp for Teams Beta is out

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Macs can be complicated. Apps — even more so. Setapp makes both easy. And with our new product, Setapp for Teams, we’ll make it easy for your entire team. 

We’re happy to officially introduce our first attempt at creating curated app packages for teams. For now, it’s a beta — and it has it’s limitations— but you’ll get to experience the full functionality very soon. Try Setapp for Teams here.

Any job, any task. All in one place

Setapp for Teams offers an entire software catalog in one subscription that costs the same as you would pay for almost any app from the library. For teams working on Macs, Setapp for Teams is the only service offering complete freedom from advertising, in-app purchases, and paid updates. It’s the same winning formula that made our consumer-oriented product Setapp so acclaimed. This year Setapp was named one of the top 10 most innovative companies in Europe by Fast Company and the Best SaaS Product for Productivity by SaaS Awards.

Save money

You pay less for more apps. You get more than 170 Mac apps for a single flat fee, allowing you to manage your team’s budget more efficiently.

You stay inside monthly limits. ‍Your monthly budget has its boundaries. From now on, spend no more than you planned with a fixed price for one subscription to Setapp for Teams.

You save for what is important. When you make your budget, focus on your business goals. No extra payments for software are needed.

Save time and be productive

You devote time to essential tasks. The time of skilled experts costs a lot. Spend it on something worth attention, rather than on looking for the right apps or finding new niche software solutions.

You increase your team’s performance. ‍Take care of your team and avoid fussing over software tools.

You can deploy apps easily. All the tools in Setapp for Teams are ready to use and updated for free.

Manage apps easily

You get free updates. We check for the latest versions of apps, and you get them updated for no extra price.

You have an app for every task. Search across more than 10 categories. There's little to no chance your job hasn't been covered.

You find necessary apps faster. Search and two clicks later — it’s yours.

Manage your team

Your team works faster and more efficiently. Stay on top of your priorities and get more done with easier functionality.

You add new members in 2 clicks. Reduce the time spent on enrolling new members and control access to apps in a few clicks.

You reduce corporate bureaucracy. You get all the tools in a single account.

How it works

First, create an account on the Setapp for Teams website and get a free 30-day trial. Then, send invitations to your teammates, and they download the desktop app. Teams start at four members. Learn more in our Knowledge Base.

How much it costs

Setapp for Teams accounts start out at four team members and offers access to the entire Setapp library of Mac apps for $9.99 a month per user.  Each team member gets one device included; every additional device costs $7.99 per month.

About the apps

Our collection includes CleanMyMac, Ulysses, Hype, Timing, PDFpen, ForkLift, Canary Mail, and more.

What’s coming next?

We will soon add new features, like single sign-on, the ability to manage access to apps, and user groups. So stay tuned. 

In the meantime, we hope that Setapp for Teams Beta will help your teams discover tons of new ways to succeed at work.

240+ apps for $9.99
per month

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