The Ultimate Mac User Book by Setapp is out

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Update: The Ultimate Mac User Book is not available for purchase anymore.

Setapp wrote a book. The longest of our long reads. The biggest collection of Mac tips we’ve ever had in one place. No, we’re not switching to a book publishing business. In fact, we’re not going anywhere but Setappwards. The idea behind creating the book is to share our complete vision of using a Mac effectively. And here’s why you might need it.  

the ultimate Mac user book

What’s inside Setapp Mac User Book? 

Since we want the book to be useful for different audiences — from Windows switchers to seasoned Mac users — it pretty much describes the full journey. If you have a specific Mac problem to solve, you can jump right into it. Every chapter has a detailed table of contents for easy navigation. To know where is what, check a quick overview of the book chapters below. 

Setting up your new Mac for success 

Chapter 1 takes you on the initial “Hello, world” journey. If you’re new to Mac, you should absolutely start with this one. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Set up a new Mac step by step 

  • The anatomy of a Mac’s interface

  • Transition your data to Mac in a few clicks 

  • Security hacks for keeping your new device protected

  • Screen recording, and more. 

No long goodbyes, Windows 

If you’re switching from Windows, feel free to start with Chapter 2 and then move back to the first one for a deep dive into macOS functionality. We’ve collected the most comprehensive insights for making your Windows-to-Mac transition smooth: 

  • Learn about the perks of macOS

  • Transfer data across Windows and Mac

  • Alternatives to your favorite Windows programs on Mac. 

Mac goodies for devs, designers, and creative folks

If you know the ropes, there’s still much to explore. Depending on your interests and profession, navigate through Chapters 3-8 to unveil app bundles and tips for specific jobs. You’ll find ready-to-use workflows for writers, designers, developers, students, as well as people of any profession who want to hit new productivity milestones on Mac. 

Mac user book chapter five

Just to make it clear, we’ve intentionally tried to avoid professional nuances. This book should be useful for everyone, whether you’re an expert or just someone exploring things. In other words, the writing chapter has not been written for writers only — it’s a guide to creating and sharing content on Mac, which anyone could benefit from. 

Once you’re done with the first eight, make sure you check out Chapter 9 for some extra power. The chapter covers 20 hacks every seasoned Mac user should be using — but only a few actually do. So we hope you’ll take a few things from the list with you. 

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