Setapp at WWDC 2020: Meetup & Discussion

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Due to the pandemic situation, Apple’s 31st WWDC event will be happening online. The main conference kicks off on June 22 and will be streamed in the Apple Developer app. And there’s one reason why it’s great news: With flexible timelines and free entry, Apple’s online gathering will be more accessible than ever before. 

Setapp’s hosting a Zoom meetup  

For Setapp, a company living and breathing Mac software, meeting together at WWDC events has been a long-standing tradition. And this time, we hope to expand it even more. Typically, we host invite-only networking events running alongside the main conference. This year, with the online format, we’re excited to open the doors to everyone. 

So here’s the news: On June 23, Setapp is going live with a group of experts and Apple community members to discuss Apple’s keynote. The “Decoding the Keynote” meetup & discussion will take place on Zoom, be streamed to your favorite social media platform on Setapp’s pages, and is free for everyone. 

What’s the agenda? 

The event will be divided into two parts. We’ll kick off with a moderated panel discussion, where the invited speakers will share their thoughts on the keynote and answer questions. The second part will consist of breakout room discussions led by the speakers. This will be a great opportunity to interact with your peers and network in small groups. 

Each part will be 40 minutes long and focused on answering the following questions: 

  • What will the newly announced updates mean for the Apple dev community and the industry? 

  • How will the new macOS/iOS features affect end-users? 

  • What recent challenges and accomplishments will have the biggest impact on the Apple community? 

Meet the speakers

Three industry leaders will join the panel, with more speakers announced soon: 

1. Max Seelemann, Co-Founder and Lead Developer at Ulysses (an award-winning writing app for Mac and iOS)

2. Christian Owens, Co-Founder and CEO at Paddle (leading the go-to-market and commercial efforts, one of the fastest-growing software companies in the UK)

3. Denys Zhadanov, Vice President at Readdle (a company behind popular productivity apps with 100M users such as Spark, Scanner Pro, PDF Expert, and Documents)

4. Oleksandr Kosovan, CEO and Founder at MacPaw (one of the biggest software developers on the Mac market and the company behind Setapp, CleanMyMac, Gemini Photos, and more)

The event will be moderated by Charlotte Henry, Author and Associate Editor of The Mac Observer, who’s a self-described media junkie writing about Apple. 

For more information, please see the event pages on Facebook or Eventbrite. To reserve your spot, please fill in this short registration form: And see you there!

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