Setapp wins "Best SaaS Product for Productivity" in 2019 SaaS Awards

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Globally recognized awards. Five strong competitors in the category. We are the winners. Yes, it’s Setapp celebrating again. The fall of 2019 brought us wonderful news — we are the winners of the 2019 SaaS Awards for “Best SaaS Product for Productivity (non-US).” 

A huge thank you goes to everyone supporting us on the journey — since the moment Setapp’s name appeared on the shortlist. As well as we’re grateful to everyone who sticks with our product. If we help to grow your productivity with Setapp, it’s the best recognition we could possibly get. 

About SaaS Awards 

The Software as a Service Awards is an annual recognition program that runs alongside the Cloud Awards. Companies from all over the world — no matter the size, vertical, and industry — can compete for SaaS-related awards. The contest covers two parallel recognition streams, for US and non-US businesses. 

Here’s how it works: An international team of judges runs an initial assessment of software solutions across different industries and selects shortlisted candidates. Next, the candidates’ entries are reviewed. At the beginning of September, the judging panel — consisting of experts in such domains as cloud computing, SaaS business, IT education, and more — releases the final list of winners in each category. You can check the 2019 list of judges here

The SaaS Awards had previously recognized many software solutions you know, from Red Hat and Marketo to IBM and Verizon. So it’s a huge honor for us to join such an outstanding crowd of SaaS leaders. 

The 2019 SaaS Awards winners 

“Another year, another shortlist giving our judges a Herculean challenge,” says SaaS Awards and Cloud Awards organizer Larry Johnson about the 2019 nominants. “With so many potential winners for each category, we hope our choices showcase the thrilling diversity of today’s SaaS offerings — from established incumbents to disruptive startups, across the entire globe.”

Here’s who we share the spotlight with: 

  • Best SaaS Product for Customer Services/CRM: ChurnZero 

  • Best SaaS Product for Project Management: Mavenlink

  • Best SaaS Product for Business Intelligence or Analytics: Looker

  • Best SaaS Product for ERP: Sage (X3)

  • Best UX/UI/Design in a SaaS Product: Repsly 

  • Best SaaS Newcomer: Avi Networks

  • Best SaaS Product for E-Commerce/Online Shopping: Paddle, and others. 

Don’t wake us up

For Setapp, it’s the second appearance in the SaaS Awards. Last year, we’ve been shortlisted for “Best SaaS Newcomer.” Moving to the point where we’ve been named the top product for productivity feels like a huge step forward. What’s more, this year, Fast Company put us on the list of “Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Europe”.

Through such rewards, we get to better understand what we are to the people we create for. Right now, it seems like Setapp is closer to the goal than ever — a SaaS solution that has a number of curated tools helping Mac users work better, faster, and more effectively. 

So if it’s a dream, please let us sleep. 

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