new macOS Software Compatibility with Setapp

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macOS Catalina is right upon us and software developers are busy making sure your favorite apps work fine when you upgrade. The new macOS is a promising milestone, nothing too breathtaking but surely a step up from the previous version.

What software is compatible with Catalina?

What is incompatible software on Mac? When you decide to upgrade macOS or migrate to a new Mac, software known to be incompatible with newer macOS version is set aside and won't run on your updated system. This software is moved to an Incompatible Software folder, at the top level of your Mac startup disk. CleanMyMac X app can help you to detect incompatible apps to update them or uninstall from your Mac in one click.


For all Setapp users we have good news about the new macOS compatibility: every app on Setapp is fully compatible with macOS Catalina. Whenever you choose to upgrade, your app collection will be ready and no crashes will catch you off guard, spoiling your daily routine. So go ahead and switch to the new macOS, we have your back. Even more so, we have something to offer before you do.

Setapp apps that come in handy before and after the macOS upgrade.

Before the upgrade to macOS 10.15

CleanMyMac: to get rid of old files, caches, and app leftovers before you proceed to backup. It will take a couple of minutes to scan your Mac, find all the trash and remove it in a click. 

CleanMyMac X 4.0.1 Smart Scan

CleanMyMac is an all-around handyman when it comes to Mac maintenance, so if you feel like removing extra add-ons, trashing unused applications, or generally cleaning up your folders — spend some more time in the app, it feels good to have a clean Mac.

Lungo: to keep your Mac awake while you back up and upgrade. It’s a simple app whose main task is not letting your Mac go to sleep.

Lungo app

Get Backup Pro: We’d recommend using it instead of your native Time Machine for pre-upgrade backups mainly because it’s more secure and allows you to create a bootable backup on an external drive.

Get Backup Pro app

After the upgrade to new macOS

New system is a little like New Year’s when you get that feeling of a fresh start. To keep things clean and fresh at least for a little while and to get more productive on your Mac, try these apps.

Workspaces: to keep everything you need in simple digital pockets and access each project instantly.

Workspaces app

Mosaic to navigate between your windows like a pro, easily switching between views and desktops.

Mosaic app

Paste to copy and paste anything from an endless clipboard that remembers hundreds of entries.

Paste app

iStat Menus to keep a finger on your Mac’s pulse. It’s a monitor of all internal processes and indicators that lets you know how your beloved Mac is doing at any given moment.

iStat Menus app

We hope this post has been of use to you, happy upgrading and take care. Cheers!

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