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Workspaces features

Workspaces is a simple Mac organizer that helps you keep track of what you need for your tasks. The app lets you add “resources” — webpages, emails, applications, documents, and more — to a designated workspace, so that you always open exactly what you need. In addition, it makes switching between complex tasks a breeze.

As soon as you organize your workspace with these task-based groups, the productivity gains will speak for themselves.

Create workspaces

The app lets you create custom workspaces for whatever it is you’re doing. By saving all the relevant documents to your workspace, you’ll cut down on time wasted hunting for files. It’s a time-tested organization strategy that focuses you on the task at hand.

Switch with ease

In a working world obsessed with multitasking, every little bit helps. When you create workspaces for multiple complex tasks, you can switch between them effortlessly — no more closing and reopening applications or trying to remember what you need to do next. A well-organized task list is a gift you can give yourself over and over again.

Add any resource

The app doesn’t just hang onto files and applications. It can save emails, webpages, and other online media as well. This expanded definition of “resources” makes it easy to work on web-focused projects and to handle online information. It’s your organizer with a built-in bookmarks bar.

Keep up to date

Workspaces is built to evolve along with your tasks. If you no longer need a particular document, just remove it from the resource list and it won’t open with that task. New resources are easy to add with a click, so your toolkit continually evolves. Besides, you can learn from your habits: if you’re always opening a particular page, just add it to the list.

Automatic launch

The app’s automatic launch feature is fully customizable, in case there are resources you want to group with a task but would rather not open every time. You can also always manually start any resource from the menu bar tab. You won’t need to see it, but you have the option.

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