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Spread the Word, Setapp has 100 Apps on Board!
Today, we have 100 apps and more are coming within weeks. Setapp collection covers more everyday tasks than any Mac service in existence.
Gifox: Create and Share GIF Animations Easily
Meet Gifox, a powerful GIF recorder for your Mac. Learn how to create animated GIFs of anything on your screen, share and instantly save GIF images to cloud drives easily and faster.
Create and manage databases with Base app
Base is a lightweight and simple way of taking control over your databases. Learn more on how to use it.
Focused: the Best Distraction-Free Writing App
If you've been looking for an app for writing, try Focused. It’s a simple text editor, with built-in markdown. Check out what it has to offer.
Lacona: a powerful keyboard-driven assistant for your Mac
Discover how to boosts your productivity with Lacona, a smart and fast keyboard-driven productivity application for macOS. It helps you launch apps, play music, find files, search the web and do more easily.
How to get rid of distractions and stay focused on your task with HazeOver dimmer
HazeOver gives you precise control over which windows stay illuminated, letting you customize the lighting that best suits your workflow.
Downie is a powerful downloader to save online videos in any formats
Watch your favorite videos offline, in any format. Learn how to use Downie to download and save videos and music in a format of your choice, then watch and listen them later without an internet connection.
Elmedia Player: a Powerful Media Player for your Mac
Meet the best multimedia player app for macOS on Setapp: it can play all media files on your Mac, browse the Internet and show you online videos from the app window, download online videos and soundtracks, stream music and video to other devices, and more - discover all app’s features here.
Keep Track of Tasks, Projects, and Notes with Cloud Outliner
We'll show you the easy way to keep track of notes and tasks, whether you’re planning a writing project or an event.
Chronosync Express: Make Reliable Backups and Synchronize Folders Easily.
Learn how to make reliable backups, create drive clones, and mirrors folders across your Mac devices. Meet Chronosync Express and discover best features to go back in time, sync your files, boost your productivity and more.