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Keep finances on track with MoneyWiz
Learn how to have a clear and responsive picture of where your money is going, how much of it you’re moving, and when it trades hands.
How to connect to virtual private networks with Shimo
Here’s how to set up and configure Shimo app, a flexible VPN client that give you advanced remote access and security features while supporting a variety of VPN servers.
Setapp voted “Consumer Product of the Year” on Product Hunt
Every year Product Hunt, one of the biggest platforms that hunts for innovations in software and hardware, holds a contest to define the best of the best. Product Hunt community gathers thousands of developers and tech-fans, and their vote means the world to a fresh product like Setapp.
Setapp Turns One
Setapp is officially a one-year-old, and the numbers are quite impressive: 107 apps available on the platform, with over 300,000 users, 15,500 of which are paying.
Renamer: the best way to batch rename files and folders on a Mac
Renaming multiple files can be a tedious process when doing so manually, but the Renamer app can make it easier to rename a batch of files at once on your Mac.
Build a website with Rapidweaver app
How to build your own website in minutes? Meet a Rapidweaver is an extremely intuitive tool for creating slick, professional-looking websites. There’s no code to learn — instead, you organize pages and plugins much as you would a series of folders.
Numi - an easier way to perform calculations on your Mac
Learn more on how the calculator app lets you perform calculations in plain English, exactly as you would say them. Instead of punching in numbers, you write down what you need and the Numi app gives you an output that’s easy to copy and paste elsewhere.
Pagico: the best all-in-one organizer for your Mac
Learn more about Pagico, all-in-one organizer to manage work and life.
News Explorer: a powerful news reader for your Mac
Meet a easy-to-use RSS, JSON, Atom and Twitter newsreader app on Setapp. Here're the most powerful News Explorer features that offer curated content and customizable news sources for your Mac.
Ciao, amici! Ora Setapp parla Italiano
We've just translated Setapp into the beautiful Italian language so all of our sun-loving Italian fans can enjoy it even more.