Think tasks, not apps

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Getting things done is a challenge that everyone struggles with. Everyone. Doesn't matter if you’re an entrepreneur, a designer, developer, marketer, writer, or a student, everyone struggles with achieving as much as possible, at the highest standard, ideally without burning out.

One of the solutions is to leverage the apps. People expect them to take some of the stress away. And we're all for that, at Setapp, as we know how the right apps can make a huge difference!

But the problem is, not all of these do what they promise to do. Many are downloaded, accounts created, profiles setup, and then they sit unused, or not used enough to demonstrate the positive impact. Pretty often, computers, phones, and tablets can fill up with unused apps. All they serve is a reminder of a short-lived enthusiasm for solving a problem that didn't work out. These apps take up space, clutter desktops, and you might end up paying for several that aren't even serving a purpose anymore. 

If this sounds familiar, then you aren't alone. There are millions of us trying to solve this same productivity problem, and here at Setapp, we’ve hit upon a solution. 

Rethinking productivity: Think tasks, not apps

When you take the traditional approach, you end up thinking apps, not tasks. We are here to change that productivity paradigm, so you think about the tasks that need doing, not apps to get the job done. 

We are on a mission to help users get more done. You can now stop worrying about and searching for apps to solve this or that problem, because with Setapp membership, there are apps for every task. 

Setapp curates and recommends the right apps for you, so you can focus on work

Chances are, whether you are running a business, self-employed, or a busy professional, you use dozens of apps for various tasks. Every app represents a solution to a problem. Instead of hunting for apps, get everything you need in Setapp, an ever-growing curated collection of apps. 

Quickly find and select the most effective apps you need for daily tasks and simplify your workflows, with the right tools. 

Setapp includes personalized recommendations, to take away the guesswork. It predicts what you need and want, giving you the sort of productivity that keeps you in the flow, providing a better workflow, one that's more connected to your goals. 

People using Setapp today are leading the productivity revolution

Setapp users feel more empowered. More confident they're spending time on the tasks they’ve got, smoothly moving from one to the next. With the right apps at their disposal, Setapp users are more productive, they get more done, enjoy a connected workflow, which means they can spend more time doing what they enjoy. 

When work is organized more efficiently, life is more enjoyable. Focus on work more easily, stay in the flow, when you think tasks, not apps, with Setapp. 

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