Setapp launches a new bring-a-friend program

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Nothing makes our morning coffee taste better than reading through your tweets about how you've just tried Setapp and totally recommend it. We know that you should only recommend a product if you honestly like it. But we also think every honest hey-check-this-up message should be rewarded. And that's where our new bring-a-friend program kicks in. 

You'll now be able to invite people to try Setapp and get a free month every time someone joins with your link. The person who joins gets a free month as well. So your referral is actually a gift — free access to 200+ apps for 30 days — for you and your loved ones. 

Here's how to get free months by referring a friend 

  1. Go to your Setapp account > Earn free months

  2. Copy the referral link and share it with as many people as you like

  3. You'll be notified once they join Setapp and make their first membership payment

  4. Both you and your friend get a free month of Setapp. 

Now you're all set for a free month of app discovery. Feel free to share Setapp with any crowd — your family (including all your uncles and aunts), people at work, or all of your Facebook friends. The more of your friends join, the more months of free Setapp you get to enjoy. 

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