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Aeon Timeline: The Visual Timeline App
Aeon Timeline helps you visualize a whole variety of tasks — from creative projects to business planning. Learn how to use it.
Hype: Create HTML5 animation easily
With Hype you can create web animations and layouts and export them as HTML5 code, meaning they’ll always look good on the web and mobile devices.
Elmedia Player and Folx are safe to use via Setapp
One of the most popular video players for Mac, Elmedia Player has suffered a security breach today but Setapp versions of the application is completely safe.
Organize your Thoughts with iThoughtsX
See how to iThoughtsx app letting you export your mind maps in a range of formats for presentation, sharing, or posting. Take advantage of its comprehensive interface to represent complex, interconnected ideas. You’ll never be hemmed in by the limitations of Powerpoint again.
Protect your files with Get Backup Pro
We'll show you how to protect your files with a compact and powerful backup tool for your Mac. Let's keep your important data secure.
Edit your code faster with Coderunner app
Meet a great-looking editor that lets you compose and test code in just about any language you can throw at it. Here’s how to get the most out of Coderunner.
iMazing: get more control over the iOS data on your Mac
Discover an easy way to sync data between your Mac and your iOS devices. Learn how to transfer files, manage apps, call logs, and voice memos with iMazing app.
Folx, an easy to use download manager and torrent client app
Folx is an easy to use download manager and torrent client app. Check out how useful it can be.
Control the weather with Forecast Bar
This tiny app automatically determines your location to provide hyper-local weather data. Get accurate weather forecasts right from your Mac's menu bar.
An easy way to add movies and multiple folders to iTunes
We'll show you how you can import video and music to iTunes easily and faster. Discover the best features of iFlicks to add and manage your iTunes library from your Mac.