Setapp Apps Are Now Hand-picked For You Personally.

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Your wristband wakes you up eighty minutes before the meeting, which is exactly how much time it takes to shower, grab a coffee, and get to work in current traffic. The audio system puts on your favorite pump-me-up playlist. Your Mac lights up, launches Mail, and opens Slack to fill you in while the coffee machine is working on the double espresso.

That’s how we picture a typical morning five years from now.

In the future every gadget and service you use will know you. They’ll know when to wake you up on Tuesdays, what music to play when you’re working out, and where to book a table on a Saturday night. And today Setapp made a baby step in the direction of these awe-inspiring, almost creepy times and started suggesting you apps you’ll probably like.


The recommendation engine looks at the apps you already use, matches them against the picks of some 200,000 other users, factors in popularity and relevance, and finally says: “hey, try these apps, they seem right for you.” The more apps you use, the better the algorithm learns your preferences, and the more accurate suggestions it makes. In other words, it leverages big data and machine learning — two things that are all the rage in Silicon Valley today. 


Our collection is growing at a rate of four to six new arrivals per month, which is fantastic. But it also means that eventually you’ll need more time to find the right app, which defeats the whole purpose of Setapp. Picking out apps that are worthy of your attention is no longer enough — we need to single out those that are the perfect fit. With smart recommendations, you’ll discover genius indie apps you didn’t know you needed and, hopefully, fall in love with them just like you fall in love with the genius indie bands Spotify streams into your earpods.


Upon launching Setapp, you’ll see a welcome screen with recommended apps (along with new arrivals and recent updates). If you like one of our suggestions, open the detailed description, flip through the screenshots, and install the app. The recommendations stay at hand in My Dashboard, so you can go back to them whenever you feel like it. Here, take a look at how it works in this short video.

All that goodness is already live and we can’t wait for you to try it, so feel free to drop reading this post and go open Setapp right now. Or, if you still don’t have an account, this is where you can sign up.

So that’s it, we’ve jumped on the bandwagon of personalized recommendations that’s rolling at full blast. And we didn’t do it because recommender systems are hip and every other service has them. We did it because Setapp and that metaphorical bandwagon are headed in the same direction: towards an easy, convenient, effortless future.

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