Join Setapp and Paddle for the 2019 WWDC Party at The Tech Museum of Innovation

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WWDC is getting near and Setapp traditionally unites forces with Paddle to celebrate the future of tech. We have an incredible event planned out for you in the heart of San Jose at the Tech Museum of Innovation on June 3rd.

Setapp is a new era of app discovery on the Mac market with more than 140 applications on board, and Paddle is a go-to platform for all software devs looking to grow their business. Our values and plans complement each other and we couldn't be more excited to host this event together.

Having the Tech Museum as our venue to discuss Apple keynotes has become a tradition and we are happy to pay it another visit. VR and robotics exhibitions, BioDesigns, and tons of futuristic tech are all at your fingertips during the night.

The usual crowd is invited: talented developers and entrepreneurs from around the world, top tech journalists, Setapp vendors and users, and a couple of major CEOs.

Refreshments are provided throughout the evening to keep your spirits up. We’re already ironing our Setapp tees and decorating the venue. Fun talks, memorable insights, and good company are a promise.


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