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383 ratings

Marked via Setapp

Live preview and advanced tools for Markdown writers

Marked is a native macOS app for previewing Markdown and other text markup languages, as well as HTML and OPML files. You can see rendered, styled versions before publishing. Marked updates with changes whenever you save using the text editor of your choice. In combination with your favorite Markdown editor (or any text editor), Marked is an excellent writing tool. It provides a rich set of features for writers, including Spelling/Grammar checking, tips for simplifying your sentences, and word count, sentence count, sentence complexity, reading time and grade level scoring. Its export features make it easy to create beautiful documents from Markdown files. By the way, you’ll like that this handy Markdown viewer brilliantly runs with any local file, as well as iCloud documents. Spend less time thinking about syntax and formatting and more time creating, and eliminate errors and improve your writing as you go. A perfect app for making both technical and prose writers more productive.
version 2.6.25
requires macOS 10.13 or later

Marked features

A smart and easy Markdown viewer

It’s easy to get started. Open the same file in Marked and the text editor of your choice and that’s it. You can get previews while you write in any markdown editing software. The app even scrolls the preview to your most recent edits. By default, there are nine handmade preview styles for you to take advantage of, and you can customize them or add your own with CSS.

Tools for writers of all kinds

Marked is packed with writing tools. Check your word counts, see where you used a word too many times, where you could simplify and strengthen your sentences, and check spelling and grammar all from one app. Want to know if you’re hitting your audience? Check the grade level scores and reading time calculations, updated automatically as you write.

No more mistakes in the final

In addition to checking your spelling and grammar, Marked can check your Markdown syntax. It can normalize syntax differences between different “flavors” of Markdown, providing output free of clumsy syntax mistakes that show up in your published work. It will automatically highlight errors it can’t normalize, so you can fix them quickly.

Consistent document navigation

It’s a breeze to find what you need within the document, with fast and flexible search, automatic table of contents, bookmarking, visual document overview, collapsible sections, and more. You’ll also love that it’s fully keyboard navigable.

Multiple export options to choose from

You can write in plain text and export your files to the preferred format. Marked’s export options include HTML (featuring self-contained images for single-file exports), Rich Text, PDF, and OPML. It can even output a new Markdown document with normalized syntax and collate multiple files into a book format.

Smart integration with other apps

See mind maps as documents while you work using iThoughtsX or MindNode. Use it as you write with Ulysses, Scrivener, nvALT, Bear, and MarsEdit. Plus, it supports Leanpub formatting and offers multiple syntax for merging external files.

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Positive reviews percentage
383 ratings
version 2.6.25
requires :platform 10.13 or later
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