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Swift Publisher features

Swift Publisher is a desktop publisher for Mac that’s easy enough for beginners to use but delivers professional-looking results. Whether you’re putting together holiday cards, self-publishing a book or magazine, or creating custom brochures, this app can help.

With an intuitive interface, a great library of themes and clipart, and a robust set of design tools, you’ll have everything you need to lay out your work exactly as you’d like it. Plus, it makes publishing online or in print a snap. There’s no need to master a whole creative suite: with Swift Publisher, it’s so easy it almost feels like cheating.

Smart Layouts

In a simple, uncluttered interface, you get everything you need to make an attractive layout. You can lay out single pages, spreads, and even master pages to be used again in the future. The program handles finicky stuff like page order, so you don’t have to worry about it, while supporting you with grids and smart guides.

Handling text

There’s nothing worse than a beautiful piece of writing ruined or stilted by a formatting error. Swift Publisher supports all kinds of text arrangements, from multiple-column spreads to image captions. It’s easy to make text flow across page breaks and wrap around images and other inserts.

Design tools

The graphic effects you can produce may surprise you. The app lets you apply gradients, draw freehand shapes, and control the transparency of the different elements of your layout, to name just a few. Plus, if you’re publishing photos or artwork, you can use its inbuilt image editor to ensure that everything you include looks its best.

Graphic library

Need a little visual flair? Look no further than Swift Publisher’s extensive graphic library. With over 2,000 pieces of clip art and 100 image masks, you’re bound to find something that fits. In addition, the app supports more than 300 pre-designed templates, which you can tweak as needed until they produce exactly the effect you’re going for.

Pro-level printing and sharing

The app’s advantages don’t stop on the layout page. No publishing app would be complete without making the publication process easier. Swift Publisher does it right by supporting exports to a variety of digital formats, letting you set up bleeds for professional printing, and making social sharing as easy as a couple of clicks. You can even convert text to curves so that missing fonts don’t stop your readers from enjoying your work.

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