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Ratings and reviews BusyContacts

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461 ratings

BusyContacts via Setapp

Build your contact database

BusyContacts is a powerful macOS app that organizes contact information into shareable virtual cards. The mate of BusyCal, this contact manager treats your connections with the same flexibility and professionalism. Connect social networks, see the history of your interactions, and align BusyContacts with tons of cloud services and Apple utilities.
version 2023.3.1
requires macOS 10.15 or later

BusyContacts features

Switch between views

The app comes with two types of layouts — multi-column list view and card view. In the list view, you can customize the display of columns as well as change the sort order. Card view places all connections into one column and allows expanding your cards at a click.

Collect insights about contacts

BusyContacts brings everything your Mac knows about a person to a single contact list. The app syncs with major CardDAV services and social networks, organizing the links into related virtual cards. Forget the email, BusyContacts gives you many alternative ways to contact a person.

Apply Smart Filters

The app makes it easy to find any card on your list. Simply go to the Filter menu > New Filter and define conditions that your card should match. You can also save your frequently used searches and list view layouts. So that the app fits the way you’re interacting.

Flexible tags and labels

Instantly add tags and assign colors to navigate across your contacts. The beauty of BusyContacts is that it gives you the freedom to change how you organize your cards. For instance, you can create any number of custom related fields and labels for each connection.

Limitless sharing and syncing

From iCloud to Google to Exchange, BusyContacts can be linked to every popular address book server. Whenever you want to add a new server, go to Preferences > Account and enter the account info. The app also works with Apple’s Contacts utility, syncing connections to any iOS device.

Activity List

Let BusyContacts keep track of your interactions on Mac. The complete history of your mailing, meetings, and even social media activity of your contacts will be displayed on the right side of the app’s window. You can set BusyContacts to track every touchpoint, or specific activity types only.

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Positive reviews percentage
461 ratings
version 2023.3.1
requires :platform 10.15 or later
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