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Cappuccino features

Once you try Cappuccino, you’ll want to make it a part of your morning routine. This slick, efficient RSS client lets you build a custom news hub featuring content from your favorite sites. Customization is key here: your account helps you get the content you like in the form that suits you best, whether that’s a daily newsletter or periodic news alerts. There’s so much to read out there; Cappuccino helps bring the best of it to you.

RSS support

The app allows you to add feeds from any site with an RSS capability. It automatically sorts your feeds by source, so you can stay up to date with specific publications. The preview window lets you read and browse right from the Cappucino app, no clicking required.

Sorting and searching

The app’s Smart Feed logs which articles you still haven’t read, making it easy to catch up. It also supports useful sorting features, letting you display articles by how recent they are, whether you’ve read them, and whether you’ve starred them. Even in a custom feed, it’s handy to be able to sort the great from the merely good.


A busy feed is great for staying informed, but checking for updates manually can sap your time and concentration. With custom notifications, the app does the checking for you and alerts you with a pop-up or sound when there’s something new to read. That way, you can stay focused and certain that you aren’t missing anything. If a feed gets too noisy, you can mute it.

Scheduled updates

Of course, not everyone can just stop what they’re doing for a news update. For people who would rather catch up during a commute or a lunch break, the app supports scheduled intervals for updates. Just choose the timeframe and the app will deliver a recurring update on your feeds, perfect for perusing over coffee or after a shift. These intervals can be daily or hourly, or longer.

Email newsletter

People whose lives center around their email inbox will get a lot of value out of the app’s email updates. The app bundles updates from the feeds of your choosing into a custom newsletter and delivers it to your inbox at regular intervals. You can read and share stories right from your email client without needing to open the Cappuccino app at all.

Read on your own terms

Cappuccino is the app that gives you news as it breaks, and the power to sort through as you see fit.

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