Distraction-free screen recording

Taking screenshots is not a big deal. But when you have to customize and share multiple screen captures, it could become a cumbersome process. CleanShot is a small app that helps you swiftly capture Mac’s screen without desktop icons in the background, annotate or blur specific parts, set custom wallpaper for your screenshots, and lots more.

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CleanShot features

Simplified screen recording

It’s all about making things easier. A world-class snipping tool for Mac, CleanShot teaches you to use simple actions while capturing screen. Access the app via the top bar, toggle desktop icons, and select a recording format. You can capture area, fullscreen, or record a video.

Hide desktop icons

CleanShot hides desktop icons so that you can capture your Mac’s screen instantly – without wasting time on a cleanup. If you need a quick capture, toggle the icons and bring them back once you’re finished. The app also allows to eliminate background clutter permanently.

Quick Access Overlay

The idea of CleanShot is to make screen recording purposeful. That’s where an overlay menu comes to help. A small popup window that you see right after taking a screenshot provides quick access to viewing, editing, and sharing your clean shots.

Annotate and blur specific parts

Using an in-built editor, highlight or hide specific parts of your screenshots. In the Quick Access Overlay menu, click on the pencil icon to edit screenshots in a flash: add annotations, highlight what’s important, and blur sensitive content.

Set custom wallpaper

A tidy desktop is a nice background for your screenshots. But that’s not the only option if you’re using CleanShot. Access Preferences via the app’s menu, click Wallpaper and choose a custom background for screenshots and recordings – an image or a plain color.

Personalized window screenshots

The app saves you the trouble of retaking screenshots only because you’ve captured a random desktop icon. The result of your work with CleanShot are tidy window captures – perfectly aligned with a wallpaper of your choice.

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