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ClearVPN features

ClearVPN is your Mac’s first effortless and secure VPN for users who want to personalize their internet experience. Its main unique feature is shortcuts — ready-to-use VPN solutions that match all your online demands. Whether you want to access content, protect your personal information, or improve online gaming, ClearVPN helps you with one tap.

Secure your online activities

ClearVPN has the best industry-standard encryption. It uses AES-256, the encryption algorithm favored by banks and financial organizations around the world. Also, ClearVPN has a strict no-log policy, which means it doesn’t store, share, or collect your personal info, IP address, or any other data.

Bypass geo-restrictions

ClearVPN always finds the best server for your needs when you want to access content or online services unavailable in your region. Some things can be blocked due to governmental restrictions or bans. With ClearVPN, you can encrypt all your interactions with the desired service and avoid being tracked by the ISPs.

Change location in a click

With ClearVPN, you can easily change your location to the desired place — just choose a country and activate the shortcut in a click. The app will find the best available server with a fast connection to give you access to unique local content and various local discounts.

Expand your streaming possibilities

Did you know that the Netflix library differs from region to region? ClearVPN can connect you to servers that have more movies and TV shows than your regional Netflix, and even unlock other streaming services like Hulu or HBO Max for you. Watch shows and movies available outside your country. From Harry Potter to Rick and Morty, you can get it all.

Secure your torrenting

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) often monitor the torrenting activities of their users, and governments can issue quite large fines for it. ClearVPN turns all your incoming and outcoming web traffic into a cipher, making it impossible to track your torrenting.

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