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Euclid features

Euclid is a scientific calculator that supports Excel formulas, LaTeX, smart converter, and more. Get everything you should expect from a modern calculator in a simple and sleek interface. Solve advanced math problems anywhere: Euclid is a native app available on both macOS and iOS.

Powerful LaTeX editor

Edit the most complicated math equations from the comfort of Euclid’s LaTeX editor. It’s easy to put everything into place and avoid mistakes when you see exactly what you’re typing. If you like your calculations neat and clean, Euclid is the best choice

Use favorite Excel formulas

Let’s just say it, Excel is a great tool for basic calculations. If you’ve been using Excel formulas, you’ll be happy to know that you can continue working with them in Euclid. All the popular formulas are supported so that you can stay in your flow and save time.

Convert anything

From physical dimensions to currencies to electricity, Euclid can convert anything. Whether you want to calculate foreign exchange rates or measure your room, it’s easy. Just enter the value and convert instantly.

Scan math problems

Euclid for iOS comes with a Pro Scan feature that allows you to capture math problems using your Camera app. Why do the same work twice? Just take a picture of a math problem and transfer it seamlessly to Euclid.

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